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Rossignol Soul 7 Ski Review

Overall rating: 100/100

I have been in the world of skiing since I was four years old; never before have a pair of skis shocked me to such an extent!

When I first heard about Rossignol Soul 7, I laughed in the face of the company’s rep. “A tip filled with air? How preposterous!” I scoffed, I was wrong.

Rossignol may have entered us all into a new-age of skiing. The Soul 7s are designed with a tip filled with air. You heard me right, air! These skis float over any crud and feel as though you are skiing in perfect powder, even when the actual conditions are somewhat, to use an official term, ‘crappier’.

They are designed for an intermediate and above skier.

With a sidecut of 136mm at the tip, 106mm underfoot and 126mm at the tail. Therefore, most skiers and ski testers alike would brand the Soul 7s as a powder ski. I concur, but unintentionally they should be an all-mountain ski. Despite their wide sidecut underfoot, which would usually lead a ski to lack performance elements on the groomers, the Rossignols perform to a satisfactory standard in any conditions or in any terrain.

Rossignol 2018 Soul 7 HD Skis (180cm)

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With a radius of just 17m (only 4m longer than most slalom skis) they are adaptable, the skier’s turn shape and size can be manipulated to suit the individual situation.

Versatility does not stop there.

The ski is constructed with a 50% rocker (the tips and tails are angled, or bent, upwards to increase float over crud) and 50% cambered (this is a traditional ski construction) profile.

This mix works extremely effectively. The Rossignol Soul 7 carves on the groomers and floats in the crud – all you can really ask for from a ski. The tip rocker also reduces the skier’s workload, meaning you can stay on the skis for longer and have more fun on the mountain, whereas, the tail rocker provides easier steering and greater control.

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The tips are spoon shaped which makes the ski feel shorter on the piste. That cannot be a good thing, you have just bought 180cm of ski and you can only get a ride on 150cm of them, rip-off, right?

WRONG! By making the part of the ski the skiers skis on shorter, Rossignol are adding stability, maneuverability and it makes the ski feel nimble underfoot. A shorter ski also allows many skiers to influence their turn more – by putting more power into a turn you will go faster and have more control. A square tail supplements this extra driveability. When skiing in them you can really feel how they add power to the end of your turn.

Soul 7 construction

The Soul 7’s core is constructed of lightweight paulownia wood, which, when in cohesion with Rossignol race department technology, reduces the weight of the ski by 20%. This increases the float in softer snow and makes them feel playful in all conditions.

By far the most drastic and innovational method of weight-loss from the ski is the Air Tip.The tip is actually filled with air and if held up to a light source, the light actually shines through the ski.

Apart from looking awesome and amusing childish writers (like me) this industry-leading design lightens the tips, decreasing the chance that they will be bogged down in softer snow. The micro-weight of these skis makes them ideal for powder or backcountry trips, however, they are just as good on the pisted runs.

Despite all the weight lost, they are still solid and of medium stiffness. Unlike the vast majority of their rockered counterparts, the Rossignols do not chatter, even at high speeds!

The Soul 7s shape even deviates from the norm, not unlike A powder ski at the tip and tail, yet being substantially thinner underfoot. This, when amalgamated with the all-mountain rocker and short turning radius allow any skier to carve, in any radius, to optimize fun on the hill. Furthermore, the skis light and wide tips and tails will float over almost any crud.

The perfect all mountain skis have been born!

Rossignol Soul 7 Overall

Rossignol Soul 7 have the potential to transform the world of skiing.

With great transitioning, a sturdy yet light construction, extreme versatility, an awesome rocker design and that amazing Air Tip, the Soul 7s ski like a precision race ski on the groomers but metamorphoses into a powder ski when demanded to be.

These skis are awesome, I am in the process of contacting Rossignol to get a pair, I love these!

They are perfect for almost any skier who possesses a skill-set above that of a beginner, whether you live (and love) on or off of the piste!

Overall rating Soul 7 Ski 100/100

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