Nordica Hell’s Belles Skis

Nordica Hell’s Belles Ski Review – Women Skis

Unlike most female specific all-mountain skis, Nordica Hell’s Belles are designed for high-speed carving. These skis are built to bomb down the piste in a slalom, giant slalom, super-G or downhill radius turn and are for the advanced-intermediate to the advanced female skier.

The Nordicas are at home on any variety of snow, which their Early Rise camRock shape, that rear-shifts the ski’s pressure point by around 20%, is almost wholly responsible for. This technology allows the skis to float in a similar way to those that are specifically tailored to the needs of the crazies who venture to the wrong side of the piste-markers.Great at, well lets say, almost everything

The Early Rise camRock shape gives the skis a little rocker in the tip and traditional camber elsewhere. The rocker makes the Nordicas ideal for varying between off-piste and the groomers and will make initiating turns and maneuvering skis in soft snow a lot easier.

Furthermore, they carve like demons – this is due to the chamber design throughout the ski (excepting the tip) and the Nordica’s constant vertical sidewalls. The vertical sidewalls stiffen the ski, to suit even the highest level of female skiing. This stiffness allows the skier to charge the ski on wide carves at a high speed, subsequently adding control and stability to the skis. Furthermore, there all-mountain side cut (ski shape) aides their carving ability.

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High speed

High speeds are what the Nordicas are in existence for! These skis, if skied slowly, will not reveal their true majesty until taken above 50km/h. They are comfortable in any turn radius and will accelerate through a turn if a skier can charge them enough and will give great rebound to the more advanced among you.

The Nordicas are solid underfoot with a 90mm side cut, which will support even the most powerful skiers. They have a side cut of 132mm at the tip and 118mm at the tail. Although it is advisable to choose a slightly fatter ski –one whose side cut underfoot is larger – when desiring an all off-piste adventure, they are perfect for those looking to balance their time between off-piste and groomers.

Also, great at turns

These skis, unlike most of the all-mountain family, are able to create smooth slalom turns. This is because of the Nordica’s turning radius of 16m on a 162cm ski, similar to those of WC race skis (11m-13m). This gives the skis the ability to ride every turn shape and radius.

They can be thrown around and be played with as they have a lightweight feel. This is owed to Nordica’s female specific core called iCore, which uses two sintered segments of wood to reduce the skis weight by 25% – when compared with its unisex equivalent, the Steadfast. The iCore technology gives the ski a light easy feel when skiing and will not fatigue the skier without a large amount of time spent on the boards.

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State of art

The Nordicas are the perfect ski for the advanced female skier that wishes to supplement her time on the groomers with a little off-piste action. Their lightweight feel and rocker in the tip is what makes these skis playful on and off the piste. They are by far, one of the stiffest skis in the all-mountain category, making them ideal for those who want to really work the ski. Although not suited particularly to backcountry skiers they are a perfect all-mountain for racers or ex-racers.

Nordica Hell’s Belles are the best female all-mountain ski I have ever come across!