Elan Amphibio 88 XTI Fusion Skis

Elan Amphibio 88 XTI Ski Review

Imagine a ski that is designed to be in the precise center of all-mountain and twin-tip skis. You should be imagining something like the Elan Amphibio 88 XTI. They have a unique design that enables users to enhance their skiing in almost all types of terrain.



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Skis that work for you

They are crafted with a conventional chamber design on the skier’s big toe edge and on the other, a rockered. Subsequently, they have a specific right and left ski. This, when fused with vertical sidewalls throughout the ski, enables the Elans to be great carvers. When the skier initiates the turn, due to this design of the ski it seems to be doing most of the work.

Thanks to the alternating edge styles and a technology called Waveflex, the skis are stable regardless of who is skiing on them. Waveflex is the visible protrusions (or waves/bumps) on the top sheet of the ski. What these do is absorb vibrations which can destabilize a skier. As aforementioned, this when combined with the ease of rolling onto a new edge and holding it firmly, do really make this ski one hell of a carver!

Elan Amphibio 88 XTI Snow Ski 2013/2014

Advanced technology

The Elans have a wood core with titanium and carbon fibers meaning the skis feel light, bouncy and playful. Be forewarned, although not quite a World Cup race ski they are stiffer than most all-mountains and will suit even the most advanced of skiers.

The Waveflex technology, half cambered half rockered design and 88mm side cut underfoot make the Elans a perfect groomer ski. They were also able to deal with crud and softer snow thanks to the stability and rockered edge.

They grip and are easy to control as well as, due to the amazing alternating edge designs, help link up turns. These skis would be great for anyone who has weight transfer problems as they would be quickly resolved by these beauties!

There may be some struggling

The Elans are truly at home on hard-packed but as aforesaid they can deal with crud and softer snow; however, they are rubbish at floating. Most advanced skiers will get down the hill when skiing on an un-piste run but some intermediates may struggle. I found that when I really pushed them to accelerate through the turn they were a little squirrelly too, even on groomers.

The Elans should not really be taken properly off-piste as the side cut is 88mm underfoot, 136mm at the tip and 116mm at the tail. Although designed to minimize pressure on the tip they are still susceptible to being bogged down in thick powder.

Mostly for male skiers

They have a turning radius of 17.2 meters (on 178cm skis), which is about the radius of a Giant Slalom race course. They come in different specific sizes, making the skis almost exclusively for male skiers.

These skis are ideal for those whose skiing level is beginning to take-off and those who desire a ski that is firm yet playful. They are very easy to ski and can exaggerate users current ability. They are the perfect ski for groomers and can be taken off-piste by those with a little more experience. A perfect ski for the advanced intermediate.

For those who are into skiing for a while

For me, as a racer, they are the perfect teaching skis, they are fun, versatile, stiff (not too stiff) and stable to allow perfect demonstrations each time I ski on them.

As a matter of fact, I have just ordered a set of Elan Amphibio 88 XTI skis and cannot wait to get on them this season!