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8 Fun Facts About Skiing - Infographic

8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Skiing

If you think you know everything about skiing, check out these 8 facts. Fun and crazy facts you didn’t know about skiing. Click on the image below to see a larger view:

Skier jumping though the air from the cliff in high mountains

Best All-Mountain Skis For Men 2022 – TOP 10

I have been skiing my entire life. My skis have granted me freedom and independence like nothing else could have. I will never forget the first time I raced on behalf of Great Britain and am eternally grateful for the opportunity to ‘don my GB kit and ski as fast as I could through the

Team Salomon

The Story Behind Salomon Skis

Founded in 1947 Salomon appeared in the heart of the French Alps, the birthplace of modern alpinism. Motivated by their passion to ski along with its son George they have designed and perfected first modern ski bindings. Since then Salomon skis are on top of skiers preference. The time has come to be a major

wave skiing

Bogner Ski – Skiing On Waves

It’s pretty startling how sports have common strings. For example, surfing and skiing are both sports that rely on balance over terrain that changes. Of course, the lean, masculine muscles can’t be missed as being part of the overall picture, though that’s not where the similarity ends. Neither can you ignore leg strength! The spandex

Squaw Valley Ski resort, California

Best Ski Resorts in USA

As the ski family grows and ski technique evolves, everyone wants to know where the best place to go for a cruise around the mountain is. I hear skiers and boarders alike ask “where are the best ski resorts in the USA found?” Well, I am an elite level skier (I ski for my country) and

Squaw Valley Ski resort, California

Who are you likely to meet in ski resorts?

There is a whole range of people that form the backdrop of the mountain ski resort and these are the very people that bring back the skiers and snowboarders year after year because the cross-section is such an interesting mix. Some seeking thrills, some seeking tranquility and yet others seeking nothing at all – each of

Elan Aphibio 88 XTI

Best All-Mountain Skis 2022 – TOP 10

Using the best all-mountain skis for speeding down the slopes, slaloming, roughing it through mountain peaks or testing that fresh powder – skis offer a great variety of recreational activities for all sorts of adventurers and sports enthusiasts. For people looking to spend their holidays with a lot of fun crowds, skiing throughout the day