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The Best Twin-Tip Skis For Men – TOP 10

In the old days the only ski to that would be seen on a mountain was a traditional camber, straight at both tip and tail, today is a whole different matter. The slopes are beginning to be overtaken by a new breed of skis – twin tips.

Winter Badass has ranked and reviewed the best twin-tip skis for men For 2018/2019 session.

Before buying any ski, you must first be sure that you are genuinely interested in buying a pair. As, when many skis are purchased, they will be hid away in a garage or shed for years before it comes time to use them again.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you can answer the following three questions – what experts call, the secret troika.

The troika asks will you really use your skis enough to justify spending money on them, how much are you prepared to spend and what do your perfect skis look like?

With suitable answers to the totality of the troika, the basics of the technicalities of skis and different types of twin-tip skis will allow anyone to make an informed decision to buy their ideal pair of twin-tips.

However, if you already know the difference between big mountain twin-tips and all-mountain twin tips, as well as what sidecut is and how it could affect the way the ski your buying will run, then this section is irrelevant and it may be worth skipping ahead to our list of the best twin-tip skis for men.

There are four major groups that twin-tips are segregated into:

  • all-mountain skis,
  • big mountain skis,
  • rockered skis,
  • Park and Pipe skis.

All-mountain twin-tip skis

All-mountain twin-tips are designed to optimally perform all over the hill while keeping up with the competition-level skis in the park or pipe. They are usually stiffer, more stable at high speeds and wider at the waist.

Big mountain twin-tip skis

Another profound group is big mountain (or powder) twin-tips. These skis are best in fresh snow and will also permit those who dare, with the ability to, ski switch in powder. Usually built with a large sidecut, to maximize floatation and edge grip, stiffer than ordinary skis and softer tails powder twin-tips are perfect for those looking for a set of skis that will be able to ski on the groomers but live for pow-pow.

Rockered twin-tip skis

One of the fastest growing types of twin-tip is the rockered skis. These skis usually have a large sidecut (they’re fat) and have a tip and sometimes tail raised from foot level. This helps the ski glide over powder and initiate turns easier.

Park and Pipe skis

Alas, all of the other groups are blown out of the water by the final and most popular group, Park, and Pipe skis. These are designed to be durable and often have thicker edges, softer tips, and stiffer tails to really get into the pipe or get some awesome air in the park.

The constants of skiing still remain, however. Just like when buying any ski, there are several factors that must be considered to determine whether the ski is best for you. Indeed the sidecut, stiffness, length, and cost of a ski are all deeply profound, but please do not feel ignorant if you do not know what a ski’s sidecut is. All of the above concepts are easy to understand in practice.

What is sidecut?

A ski’s sidecut, better known as its width, is hugely important in categorizing the overall purpose of a given ski. If a ski is wider it is better equipped to deal with softer conditions, convexly thinner skis are best suited to groomed piste and hard-pack.

What is the stiffness?

The stiffness of the ski can be an instrumental disappointment if you get it wrong. The stiffness of a ski is, simply, how physically difficult it is to turn said ski. If a ski is too stiff it can lead the skier to being unbalanced and out of control, if not stiff enough a skier cannot properly power the ski through the turn to accelerate through it.

About length?

The length is, most probably, the most important factor when buying a ski. Get rid of your tape measure though, because in skiing there is an expert rule that allows anyone to calculate the right size skis for them. If a ski is just below or on the skier’s nose, when both are stood up straight, it will be the perfect size for a beginner/intermediate skier.

Cost and quality?

In terms of cost, the quality of as ski directly correlates to the amount spent on it and therefore one must beware of frugality when shopping for their dream twin-tips. The easiest way around this problem is by setting a budget and sticking to it.

Equipped with this knowledge, anyone is able to buy the right set of twin-tips for them.

Winter Badass have our 10 favorite twin-tips for you guys who love skiing switch as much as forwards.

Our 10 Favorite Twin-Tip Skis for Men

Coming tenth is Head The Caddy


HEAD Mens Caddy Skis 2018 / 171cm

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The ski inspired by 4 time X-Games gold medallist, Simon Dumont, is an all-mountain twin-tip designed to go anywhere on the mountain – although it is most at home in the park.

They allow any skier to dismount easily. The Heads are one of the most durable skis on the market, with ABS impact resistant sidewalls that will keep your Caddys in good condition, even with a rail or two, for a long time.

These lightweight, poppy, strong edging tricksters are awesome anywhere on the mountain!

In ninth is the K2 Press


K2 Press Skis 159

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An all-mountain park and pipe ski at 85mm underfoot, which will perform well all over the hill. With a wood and fiberglass core, the K2s are extremely light and are great for tricks.

Furthermore, with camber underfoot and tip and tail rocker, these skis augment their trickster status. Their durability is increased by a cap sidewall construction and rivets in the tip and tail.

The K2s transition well, they have a solid edge hold and are springy and fun, perfect for all of us park-junkies.

Atomic Punx Five Ski


Atomic Punx Five Skit (Dark Red/Red, 150cm)

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The Atomic Punx Five Ski is an excellent product that’s built with future X Games specifically in mind. This park ski can comfortably go anywhere on the mountain. It is available in sizes ranging from 150 to 175cm.

It has a very lightweight poplar wood core. This keeps the ski light while still giving it the ability to absorb shock. Its top sheet makes it incredibly durable at the same time. Furthermore, it’s cambered midsection gives you increased edge hold with a rocker tip and tail that makes turning extremely easy. These skis are a great choice for intermediate to advanced skiers.

In seventh, is the Salomon Threat


Salomon Threat Skis Mens Unisex Freestyle Parl Pipe Twin Tip (161)

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A park ski for those of an intermediate to advanced skill set and are looking for a versatile ski as good on the groomers as in the park.

A composite lightweight core lowers the ski’s weight and Edgy Monocoque leads to great edge angles and efficient energy transfers. The Salomons are built for the park, with wider edges to increase their durability and full camber to help their skier nail the park.

The Salomons are the skis for those looking to advance their skill set; in and out of the park.

Nordica 2019 Soulrider 84


Nordica 2019 Soulrider 84 Skis (149cm)

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The Nordica 2019 Soulrider 84 is another park ski that is comfortable anywhere on the mountain. It is the narrowest ski in Nordica’s Soulrider series. It’s a very lively ski with plenty of pop thanks to its all-mountain camRock profile.

This ski is available in sizes ranging from 149 to 170cm. At 170cm, it has a turning radius of 17.5m. It uses an Energy 2 Carbon core. This consists of poplar/beech wood with two carbon sheets over the edges. This gives the ski a lightweight feel while still maintaining its durability.

In fifth place is the Volkl Alleys


Volkl Alley Skis

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A pure camber profile throughout amalgamated with a multilayer wood core gives the ski a loveable snappiness and rigidity – where necessary.

The skis are durable, resilient and powerful thanks to a tough box construction.

So for an easy, fun and unique ride, with skis that love to cruise, why not get yourself a pair of these beauties?

In fourth is the Atomic Vantage


Atomic Vantage 100 CTI Skis 2018 - 188cm

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An all-mountain ski, with the ability to play in the park. Ideal for an intermediate to advanced skier. Step down sidewalls and a carbon backbone ads strength, carving ability and stability to the ski.

With a full wood core, the Atomics are lightweight. They also have a twin progressive sidecut, which eases turn initiation and provides good grip to allow you to focus on the skiing.

An all-mountain rocker provides super versatility and stability in all snow conditions.

But if there is one word to describe the Atomics, it would be; lively, or perhaps, loveable, but you can be the judge of that!

Volkl Pyra


Volkl Pyra Skis (155)

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Whether you want to ski in the park or explore the entire mountain, the Volkl Pyra will take you where you want to go. It is among the best twin tip skis for women on the market today. If you’re a lady that loves to carve, these are the skis for you.

You can get this ski in either 147 or 155cm. Its freeski tip and tail rocker make turning extremely easy. Also, its core uses multiple layers of wood for added snap and resilience. This ski has a symmetrical shape that allows both regular and switch riding.

Scott Scrapper 115


Scott Scrapper 115 Ski - Men's One Color, 182cm

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The Scott Scrapper 115 is a light, playful ski that’s great for advanced to expert level skiers. It’s already an award-winner after its first season. You can get it in either 182 or 189cm.

This ski has a carbon/wood construction that makes it incredibly playful and lively. It features a 3Dimension sidecut that gives it both easy turn initiation and impressively precise edge hold. It also utilizes a twin-tip rocker. This gives you additional floatation in deep snow while still maintaining stability.

2018 Rossignol Trixie Ski


Rossignol Trixie Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings - 2018 Women's - 168 cm

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The 2018 Rossignol Trixie Ski is an excellent all-mountain ski for women. Regardless of your skill level, you can find something to like about this ski. It’s an especially great choice for young or light skiers.

This ski is available in both 138 and 168cm. It has a poplar wood core that keeps it light and responsive at the same time. It also features a center waisted sidecut. This makes skiing switch super easy. Furthermore, it has a rockered tip and tail that gives you additional floatation when you’re in deep snow.

Whether for snow ploughing the groomers or pulling an Ollie, twin-tips are becoming the ‘next big thing’ in skiing. As much as it kills me to say it, I can see freestyle killing my beloved racing.

But no matter, because kids are ridding themselves of their boards and coming back to the ski world!

So maybe it’s time you joined in and invested in the best twin-tip skis for men, to get out there and enjoy the sheer trill that I have willingly become addicted to- skiing.