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The Best Twin-Tip Skis For Men – TOP 10

In the old days, the only ski to that would be seen on a mountain was a traditional camber, straight at both tip and tail. As the ski world has grown and ski gear has advanced, if you go onto any snow capped peak you will find skis that no longer fit the traditional camber profile. The slopes are beginning to be overtaken by a new breed of skis – twin tips.

In today’s article, we are going to go over why twin tip skis are becoming such a hot commodity. Not only that, but we are going to go over our list of the best twin tip skis that you have to consider trying out this ski season. Before we dive into our product reviews, let’s go over what twin tip skis are any why they might be the best fit for your next adventure.

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What Are Twin Tip Skis?

A twin tip ski is essentially a version of an alpine ski. Because of the profile of the skis, it is rather easy to identify them. Twin tip skis feature a curved up tip and tail. This is slightly different from traditional alpine skis that feature a curved up front end and a flat rear end.

The design of these skis is so that skiers can have more flexibility and versatility when they are on the slopes. Their construction is part of the new wave of trends in the ski world. Twin tips allow you to have greater control when you are taking off and landing. In addition to that, you have greater control of sticking your landing backward because of the curved tail. These types of skis are also great when it comes to terrain parks that have half pipes and other obstacles. Again, another trend that is starting to rise in the world of skiing.

The Secret Troika

Before buying any ski, you need to make sure that you are actually going to be using that pair of ski. All too often, new skiers get caught up in the hype, buy the latest gear, use it for one season, and then stash it away in a basement for it to never be used again. If you think this might be you, then it might be in your best interest to rent a pair of skis instead. If you are still thinking about buying your own pair of skis, then it is crucial to ensure that you can answer the following three questions – what experts call, the secret troika.

The troika asks three important questions. One, will you really use your skis enough to justify spending money on them? Two, how much are you prepared to spend? And three, what do your perfect skis look like?

Once you answer these three questions, your answers will clue you in on whether or not you actually need to purchase your own pair of the best twin tip skis.

The Four Types of Twin Tips Explained

One you have made the decision to purchase, you need to understand what you are purchasing. Knowing the basics of the technicalities of skis and different types of twin-tip skis will allow anyone to make an informed decision to buy their ideal pair of twin-tips. That’s where we come in, let’s dive into the specifics of different twin tip skis.

There are four major groups that twin-tips are segregated into:

  • all-mountain skis,
  • big mountain skis,
  • rockered skis,
  • Park and Pipe skis.

All-mountain twin-tip skis

All-mountain twin-tips are designed to optimally perform all over the hill while keeping up with the competition-level skis in the park or pipe. They are usually stiffer, more stable at high speeds and wider at the waist. It is ideal to ski with all mountain twin tip skis if you like to do a variety of skiing including freestyle. You can typically also go off course with these skis as well. Though not the most popular, they are one of the most popular types of twin tip skis you will find.

Big mountain twin-tip skis

Another profound group is the big mountain (or powder) twin-tips. These skis are best in fresh snow and will also permit those who dare, with the ability to, ski switch in powder. You will find that they are usually built with a large sidecut, to maximize floatation and edge grip. They are also stiffer than ordinary skis and their softer tails powder twin-tips are perfect for those looking for a set of skis that will be able to ski on the groomers but live for pow-pow.

Rockered twin-tip skis

One of the fastest growing types of twin-tip is the rockered skis. These skis usually have a large sidecut (they’re fat) and have a tip and sometimes tail raised from foot level. This helps the ski glide over powder and initiate turns easier.

Park and Pipe skis

Alas, all of the other groups are blown out of the water by the final and most popular group, Park, and Pipe skis. These are designed to be durable and often have thicker edges, softer tips, and stiffer tails to really get into the pipe or get some awesome air in the park. You will often see high energy skiers who love the thrill and adrenaline of doing neat tricks on the slope skiing with park and pipe twin tip skis.

Though twin tip skis are broken into four technically different types the constants of skiing still remain. Just like when buying any ski, there are several factors that must be considered to determine whether the ski is best for you. Some of the factors you need to consider include the sidecut, stiffness, length, and of course, the cost of a ski. While all these factors may be intimidating to understand, especially if you are just starting out in the ski world, doing a little research will remedy that right away. Lucky for you, we have got a breakdown of what these major features mean and how you should consider them when you are shopping around for any pair of skis.   

What is sidecut?

A ski’s sidecut, better known as its width, is hugely important in categorizing the overall purpose of a given ski. If a ski is wider it is better equipped to deal with softer conditions. convexly thinner skis are best suited to groomed piste and hard-pack.

What is the stiffness?

The stiffness of the ski can be an instrumental disappointment if you get it wrong. The stiffness of a ski is, simply, how physically difficult it is to turn the ski when you are going down the slope. If a ski is too stiff it can lead to an inability to control your ski. If a ski is not stiff enough then you may not be able to access the power needed during a turn that then aids your acceleration down the slope. More importantly, not having the necessary stiffness could cause an unnecessary accident or injury. The stiffness of your ski is an important factor to consider when buying your first set of skis. All too often, new skiers make the mistake of buying a ski that is suited for experts only to find that they do not possess the necessary power to control and operate the stiff board.

What About length?

Along with the stiffness, the length perhaps is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a ski. In the skiing world, there is an expert rule that allows anyone to calculate the right size skis for them. If a ski is just below or on the skier’s nose, when both are stood up straight, it will be the perfect size for a beginner/intermediate skier. While this is the generally accepted rule of the skiing world, it doesn’t hurt to get expertly fitted with the right length when you start shopping around.

Cost and Quality?

The cost and the quality of a pair of skis really go hand in hand. They also tend to be two factors that are on the top of the list when skiers are looking for the best skis to purchase.

If there is one thing you need to keep in mind with the cost of skis, it is that you truly get what you pay for. In terms of cost, the quality of as ski directly correlates to the amount spent on it. The reason the price and quality is emphasized everywhere you go when shopping around for skis is because buying a pair of skis is not the cheapest purchase you will make in life. If you shop with frugality in mind, then you will likely end up wasting your money on something that is cheaply constructed and will fail you on the mountain.

When shopping around for a pair of the best skis, you should not shop with price in mind. Instead, look at the features that are offered and what you need, then start looking at the price. When you approach shopping this way, you will be able to make a decision about how to get the most bang for your buck. Once you have a price range in your mind, then you can start setting up a budget.

Our 10 Favorite Twin-Tip Skis for Men

Now that you have an understanding of what to look for in a pair of skis and how to approach purchasing a set, it is time to sort through all the options. Below we have got the list of our ten favorite twin tip skis to invest in. Let’s dive into what makes each pair of skis a great product you should consider.

Head Kore 93 Twin Tip Skis


Our first pick of the best twin tip skis is the underrated Head Kore 93 Men’s Ski. What makes them one of the best all mountain twin tip skis is the fact that they offer such versatility. You can use them down bumpy trails, coast on smooth trails, and even venture off the grid with ease.  It should be noted that these skis are not designed for just anyone. You should be in the advanced or expert level of skiing ability in order to fully operate these skates. When it comes to the detailed specs, you will find that they feature a radius of 16.4m at 180cm. Also, the sidecut is 133/93/115.

When it comes to the construction quality of these twin tip skis, you will not be disappointed. These skis feature a graphene KOROYD carbon sandwich cap construction. Also, the core is a lightweight KARUBA wood core that allows you to have full faith in your board. If there is ever an issue, then the two year manufacturer warranty is something that you will want to take advantage of.

Lastly, these skis do offer a very distinct, cool look. Riders are sure to enjoy the stability, durability, and maneuverability that they have to offer. If you are looking for one of the best twin tip skis to try out this season, then you may want to start with this pair.

K2 2018 Press Twin Tip Skis


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Another one of the best twin tip skis to consider are the K2 2018 Press Skis.  These skis are the perfect combination of fun, performance, and versatility. You can use them in a range of settings. For example, they are the perfect all mountain skis that work just as well on pipes. One of the best aspects of these skis is the fact that they are extraordinarily durable. The construction is an Aspen wood core that is situated with carbon stringers.

When it comes to the specifics, you will find a sidecut of 111/85/104 with a length of 169cm. The turn radius is 19m at 169 cm. When it comes to the design, skiers are thoroughly impressed too. If you are a skier who is looking for the perfect pair of twin skis that feature an urban style, then these are the skis to consider.  

Atomic Punx Five Ski


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A brand that you have probably seen on the slopes is Atomic. This is because they are one of the leading brands when it comes to all around great skis. The Atomic Punx Five Ski is an excellent product that’s built with future X Games specifically in mind. This park ski can comfortably go anywhere on the mountain. It is available in sizes ranging from 150 to 175cm.

It has a very lightweight poplar wood core. This keeps the ski light while still giving it the ability to absorb shock. Its top sheet makes it incredibly durable at the same time. Furthermore, it’s cambered midsection gives you increased edge hold with a rocker tip and tail that makes turning extremely easy. These skis are a great choice for intermediate to advanced skiers. Lastly, the overall aesthetic look of this ski is hard to ignore. The maroon color makes it an attractive ski that stands out on the mountain.

Salomon Threat Twin Tip Skis


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A park ski for those of an intermediate to advanced skill set and are looking for a versatile ski as good on the groomers as in the park.

A composite lightweight core lowers the ski’s weight and Edgy Monocoque leads to great edge angles and efficient energy transfers. The Salomons are built for the park, with wider edges to increase their durability and full camber to help their skier nail the park.

The Salomons are the skis for those looking to advance their skill set; in and out of the park.

Nordica 2019 Soulrider 84


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The Nordica 2019 Soulrider 84 is another park ski that is comfortable anywhere on the mountain. It is the narrowest ski in Nordica’s Soulrider series. It’s a very lively ski with plenty of pop thanks to its all-mountain camRock profile. With this construction, it makes it one of the best all mountain twin tip skis to take with you on your next outing.

This ski is available in sizes ranging from 149 to 170cm. At 170cm, it has a turning radius of 17.5m. It uses an Energy 2 Carbon core. This consists of poplar/beech wood with two carbon sheets over the edges. This gives the ski a lightweight feel while still maintaining its durability.

What makes this one of the best twin tip skis to select is the fact that they are so versatile. You can transition seamlessly from the mountain to the terrain park. You do not have to adjust or customize your skis in any way. When you are on the pipes, you are sure to appreciate the camber underfoot that adds a powerful boost of energy as well as the sought after pop. This construction is what lovers of the terrain park appreciate about these skis. Also, the Twin Pop CamProck profile allows riders to have an optimal float, turn indication, as well as landing precision. This level of control allows you to maintain your balance whether you are freestyling on pipes or swerving through trees. Overall, this is one of the best twin tip skis for riders who are looking for gear that they can use all around the mountain. You are sure not to be disappointed with the Nordica Soul Rider 84 Twin Tip Skis.

Volkl 2020 Mantra M5 Twin Tip Skis


If you have the skill of skiing under your belt, and you want to upgrade your gear, then one of the best twin tip skis to consider is the 2020 Volkl Mantra M5 Twin Tip Skis. These skis are no strangers to the world of skiing. One of Volkl’s most adored models is the Mantra. The 2020 Mantra M5 has upheld the tradition of a great pair of skis that serves well on the mountain. In fact, it is a consistent favorite of advanced and even elite skiers. What makes this model so popular is the fact that you can be quick on the mountain and have control over your every move. The shape of this ski lends itself naturally to versatility. There is a 96 mm waist width. The wide side of the ski was designed for carving, while the more narrow side is a powder ski. This versatility is what makes it a favorite of the pros because it can be used on a range of terrains.

In addition to the shape, the construction of these skis is another reason why it is so popular. The Mantra M5 features a wood core construction that is supported by a titanal frame construction. This titanal frame over the edges of your board gives you a level of precision when you are making sharp turns. Also, with the construction, the tips allow the skis to seemingly float above the snow. This makes gliding onto fresh snow an effortless task.

Overall, if you are in need of an expert level pair of twin tip skis, then the Volkl Mantra M5 Skis are a great option to start with. They provide an exceptional amount of versatility and control that is simply unmatched.

Atomic Vantage 100 CTI Skis


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The Atomic Vantage is a great pair of all-mountain skis. They have the ability to play in the park or cut through the mountain with absolute ease. If you are an intermediate to advanced skier then these skis can be a great option for you.

This all mountain rocker comes with specks that include 15% tip, 75% Camber, and 10% tail. It is constructed with a powerful woodcore and reinforced with a titanium backbone that features a unique mesh tank. These skis also happen to be the widest from the Vantage models. The Vantage 100 CTI features a 100 mm underfoot that allows you to transition from hard snow to soft snow easily. This durable construction is part of the reason why riders will have full control while they are on the slopes.

Another added bonus of these skis is the stability that is provided. The stability could be credited to the “firewall feature. The firewall is an extra sidewall that gives riders great edge hold when they are making sharp turns. Coupled with the agility it provides users and its lightweight construction, it is easy to see why this is one of the best twin tip skis to consider for your upgrade this ski season. This is a great option to consider if you are an intermediate or advanced skier.

Volkl Pyra


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Whether you want to ski in the park or explore the entire mountain, the Volkl Pyra will take you where you want to go. It is among the best twin tip skis for women on the market today. If you’re a lady that loves to carve, these are the skis for you.

You can get this ski in either 147 or 155cm. In either size, you have a choice of two colors that easily blend well with any female rider on the slope. It’s not just the looks of these skis that make them favorable, they pack a heavy punch of power as well.

For starters, the construction is right where you want it to be. The Volkl Pyra skis feature a multi-layered wood core that is backed by a full sidewall and tough box construction. Its freeski tip and tail rocker make turning extremely easy when you are on the mountain. Also, riders will get a great snap thanks to its multiple layers of wood. When it comes to the profile, you will find a symmetrical set of skis that feature a 112/85/112 mm sidecut that boasts your ideal twin rocker profile. Overall, if you are looking for something that you can use on both the mountain and the park, then this is one of the best pair of twin tip skis to invest in. They make for the perfect pair for ladies who are intermediate and advanced riders.

Scott Scrapper 115


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The Scott Scrapper 115 is a light, playful ski that’s great for advanced to expert level skiers. It’s already an award-winner after its first season, so it is no wonder why it continues to top the list as one of the best twin tip skis to get your hands on. When it comes to length, currently, you can get the Scott Scrapper 115 in either 182 or 189 cm.

This ski has a carbon and wood construction that makes it incredibly playful and lively. This sandwich construction also makes it extremely durable for when you are on the mountain or on the pipes. In addition to the twin tips, riders will find a camber underfoot that will allow you to transition from hard snow to soft snow with ease. And when you do hit deep snow, the wide 115 – 116 mm waist and rockered tips will allow you to get through it without a hitch. It features a 3Dimension sidecut that gives it both easy turn initiation and impressively precise edge hold. It also utilizes a twin-tip rocker. This gives you additional floatation in deep snow while still maintaining stability. When it comes to the turn radius, riders will always have great control at 23 m with the 182 cm length and 24 m with the 189 cm length.

2018 Rossignol Trixie Ski


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Our next pick of the best twin tip skis come from the ever popular brand, Rossignol. The 2018 Rossignol Trixie Ski is an excellent all-mountain ski for women. Regardless of your skill level, you can find something to like about this ski. It’s an especially great choice for young or light skiers. It features all the capabilities of a great ski without overwhelming you. If you are still perfecting your craft, then this is a great pair of skis to continue learning on.

This ski is available in both 138 and 168cm. It has a poplar wood core that keeps it light and responsive at the same time. It also features a center waisted sidecut. This makes skiing switch super easy. Furthermore, it has a rockered tip and tail that gives you additional floatation when you’re in deep snow.

Once you have gained some confidence with these skis, you can really push them to the limit by carving turns on groomers and taking them out on rough terrain through the trees. You will not feel held back or restricted on what is one of Rossignol’s best twin tip skis.

Final Thoughts on the Best Twin Tip Skis

Whether you are snow ploughing the groomers or pulling an Ollie, twin-tips are becoming the ‘next big thing’ in skiing. While racers might find this to be a tough pill to swallow, the need for great twin tip skis is imperative to accommodate this growing trend. Of course, riding the slopes and racing is one of the most iconic ways to enjoy the mountain, venturing out of your comfort zone to try out twin tip skis is something that many riders do not regret. And by finding yourself the perfect pair of twin tip skis, you are sure to have just as much fun too.

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