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Best Ski Gloves For 2018/2019 Session – TOP 21 Reviews & Winter Badass Ratings

If there is one sure way to ruin a skiing experience, that is to wear poor hand protection and not having the best ski gloves.

The best ski spots usually get quite chilly, and having low-quality or no gloves is a sure way to start feeling the uncompromising bite of winter sooner than anticipated.

Not to mention, that poor hand protection can make holding on to platter lifts very strenuous and unpleasant, as well as dangerous, due to lack of good grip.

Feel the comfort

Using the poles efficiently is also more difficult when your hands are deep frozen. All in all, hand protection is not something that should be ignored, but how to choose the best ski gloves?

Read on to discover the TOP 21 gloves in the department.


Ski Gloves

Winter Badass Rating


MCTi Waterproof Windproof Menas Winter Thinsulate Thermal Gloves
MCTi Waterproof Thermal Gloves4.6 Starsamazon button
Gordini Swagger Gloves

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Gordini Swagger Gloves4 Starsamazon button
COPOZZ Waterproof Ski Snowboard GlovesCheck Price on Amazon.comCOPOZZ Waterproof Ski Gloves5 Starsamazon button
Mountain Made Waterproof Insulated Winter Gloves

Mountain Made Waterproof Insulated Winter Gloves

4.3 Starsamazon button
Helly Hansen Resort Ski Glove Black Large

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Helly Hansen Skis4.5 Starsamazon button

We present you some of the best in 2018/2019 out there

*Last Updated 2018.04 – Added another 6 Ski Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Windproof Men’s Thermal Gloves

MCTi Waterproof Windproof Menas Winter Thinsulate Thermal Gloves

These are affordable thermal gloves that work well without being too bulky. The exterior is made of windproof polyester, which is just a fancy way of saying it won’t ripple or break down.

The inside is made with MTI’s thinsulate, which is a layer that retains warmth without making the gloves look like oven mitts.

These gloves have a small zipper pocket on the back of the hand that you can use to carry small things with you.

This is a convenient feature that keeps you from having to dig through your snowsuit pockets for something like a piece of gum. There’s also a reinforced rubber grip on the fingers to help you hold your ski poles better.

The strong, water resistant coating on these gloves make them great for more than just skiing.

You can use them for any outdoor sport, or even for doing work in your yard when it’s cold outside. All around, these are a great buy.

Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt Mens Waterproof Insulated Work Glove

These are some rugged insulated waterproof gloves. If you’re rough on your hands when you’re out skiing, you’ll want a pair of gloves like these.

The insulation is extra soft, and all of the seams have extra stitching to keep the gloves from falling apart with heavy use.

The wicking lining keeps moisture from building up inside of the gloves, and water rolls right off the front. There’s a nose wipe incorporated into the thumb, and a stretch fleece cuff to keep you comfortable and warm.

They’re also available in sizes from small to 2XL, so if you have large hands, you won’t feel like you’re stuffed into the gloves.

The larger sizes mean they won’t restrict your movements, so you can grip your ski poles as tightly as you need to.

COPOZZ Waterproof Ski Snowboard Gloves

COPOZZ Waterproof Ski Snowboard Gloves

These gloves are designed for all sorts of snow sports. The windproof double lock design keeps snow from accidentally creeping into your gloves. If you want to stop skiing for a spontaneous snowball fight, these gloves have you covered.

These have a handback zip pocket that’s a little bigger than the ones that come in most ski gloves for convenient storage. The texture on the palm of the glove will give you a great grip, even when your ski poles are a little wet.

They adjust at both the wrist and the forearm to give you a custom fit. The waterproof coating keeps you dry as snow melts or rain falls, and the extra lining on the inside keeps the gloves nice and breathable.

Simplicity Kids 3M Thinsulate Windproof & Waterproof Ski Gloves

Simplicity Kids 3M Thinsulate Windproof & Waterproof Snow Ski Gloves

It’s important that kids have reliable gloves for skiing, because regular adult gloves in the smallest size may not fit properly.

These gloves are designed for kids aged 4 years to 12 years, so you can keep the youngsters safe on a family ski trip.

The palms and the thumbs of the gloves are reinforced to help little hands grip better. The thinsulate keeps hands warm and dry with a waterproof membrane. There are both boys and girls gloves to help kids get the right fit and the colors they want.

The long, insulated wrist strap is designed to slide comfortably into your child’s snow jacket. The draw cord in the wrist keeps your kid’s little hands safe in very low temperatures.

Vbiger Ski Gloves

Vbiger Ski Gloves

These waterproof, windproof snow gloves are designed to conform directly to the hand while offering you excellent grip. The high air permeability keeps your hands comfortable while you’re hitting the slopes, and the wrist strap is easy to adjust.

The palm of the gloves is anti skid and wear resistant.

They’ll last a long time, even if you encounter some friction while you’re skiing. The flocking lining is warm, and the exterior won’t let water in. The only downside is that these gloves come in a limited range of sizes.

One of the coolest features of these gloves is the clasp that locks them together. When you aren’t wearing them, just clip them together. You won’t have to worry about losing one between ski trips and they’ll still be together next winter.

Mountain Made Waterproof Insulated Winter Gloves

Mountain Made Waterproof Insulated Winter Gloves

These are unisex gloves, so both men and women can use them. They come with a top hand zipper pocket that runs horizontally, making it easier for you to get in and out of them.

The Sure Grip technology on the palm and fingers keeps your hands from sliding around when you use them.

The crossover tightening strap and pull cuff keep you locked into your gloves. The waterproof exterior keeps you dry, and the interior insulation works well in low temperatures. This design is just as good for skiing as it is for riding a motorcycle in the snow.

They’re versatile, and you’ll be able to get the most for your money.

Though they don’t come in a small size, most people will find that the medium, large, or extra large is still a good fit. These gloves are roomy, and the adjustments are easy to make when you need a custom fit. These are excellent cold weather sportsman (or sportswoman) gloves.

Picture Tricks

These gloves will make any skier feel very special – they are an exquisite experience and, what is more, are the most eco-friendly option out there. They allow the skier a true connection with nature and all its snowy fascination.

The palms are faux leather but you would never guess – soft, comfortable and amazingly grippy.

On the other hand, the shell is made out of 100% certified biological cotton and recycled polyester. This might not sound like it can contribute much to the warmth factor but, in fact, these gloves are some of the comfiest and warmest on the market.

Picture Tricks are not as costly as their leather counterparts, yet offer supreme quality.

Marmot Women’s Bretton Mitt

Marmot Women’s Bretton Mitt

This glove is the perfect combination of beauty, elegance, functionality, and warmth. The front and back parts of the skiers hands are both extremely well protected with this glove that closely resembles a piece of shiny, fun jewelry.

While the back is covered in loft insulation, the front features 650+ fill, which feels as warm as standing next to a fire place, a fantastic touch for those bitter cold winter days.

It is also windproof, waterproof, breathable, has handy little pockets and a supreme grip.

Gordini GTX Storm Trooper Glove

Gordini Women's GTX Storm Trooper Glove

As the name suggests, this is one tough piece of gear. Not only does it provide great hand protection, but also has a digital grip palm and thumb.

That means that it is beyond comfortable and always provides excellence when it comes to grip. The insulation combines some of the best materials on the market, including thermo-plush and Gore-Tex.

This glove will take care of your hands – it is waterproof, windproof and breathable. A nice little addition is the small pocket over the top.

Helly Hansen Ski Gloves

Helly Hansen Resort Ski Glove Black Large

This is a real dream come true for all those ski lovers out there, who enjoy their time in nature as much as cruising the social networks.

Not only are these gloves warm and cozy, but they also feature the OnTip Smartphone technology, meaning that no matter where you go, you can always stay connected and share the excitement of skiing.

The design is classical black, with clean lines. This glove also features a nose wipe, all skiers know this can come in handy, and an adjustable gaiter.

Gordini Swagger Gloves

Gordini Swagger Gloves

These gloves are worthy of Arctic chill, with their uber strong Windstopper technology. They are a bit bulkier than most gloves, yet not as large as one would expect for their warming capabilities.

The Swaggers provide some hardcore protection against the elements, making sure that your hands stay warm and snuggly no matter what.

Good grip is another strong point for these gloves.

Overall, this is a piece of gear for extreme skiers, who are not only looking for the best ski gloves but are also planning to go into some extreme temperatures.

Seirus Innovation Men’s Windstopper Oz Gloves

Seirus Innovation Men's Windstopper Oz Gloves

This is not only a warm and cozy piece of gear but also a luxurious one. Black, sleek, uncompromising against the cold weather – these are some of the key features to this glove.

Even though it is super warm and will never allow moisture intrusion, the glove feels like silk on the palm of the hand. It also dries much quicker than its counterparts and features brushed Bemburg.

Helly Hansen Women’s Carving Glove

Helly Hansen Carving Glove

Not for ladies looking to impress with pretty gloves, but rather for those primarily concerned with sturdy hand protection. These gloves are comfortable, even when they are off and attached to the wrist by the braided strap.

The Helly Tech Protection ensures maximum warmth in all conditions and is an excellent choice for speedy carving. It also features the PrimaloftOne insulation and a convenient zipper on top.

Bern Tyler Rawhide Glove

This is a classic-looking, stylish and super warm glove.

Not only is it really good looking, but it also provides great protection that beats the elements every time. The Rawhide glove features a wristguard, for extra warmth and stability, as well as injection-molded palm-side flexible wrist plate.

This means that the glove proves excellent breathability and has a strong grip.

Spyder Team Ski Glove

These gloves have been inspired by high-speed racing, and it certainly shows, even by the extremely cool design. The outer layer is constructed out of Gore-Tex waterproof material, featuring carbon fiber wrist and molded knuckles.

This is an all-leather glove, that fits wonderfully. Naturally, it is also breathable and warm, yet the design has been more stressed upon than the extreme cold weather protection.

N’Ice Caps Kids Bulky Thinsulate Waterproof Ski Gloves

N'Ice Caps Kids Bulky Thinsulate Waterproof Winter Snow Ski Glove

If you are looking for the best ski gloves for your children, look no further. Barts is a company with a reputation of quality, and rightfully so. They create some of the best children’s accessories when it comes sports.

These gloves, in particular, are extremely warm and cozy, so you can rest assured that your child will have a blast on the slopes.

A great choice for a day of fun in the snow.

eWing Womens Ski Gloves with Thinsulate

eWing Womens Ski Gloves

eWing is renowned for manufacturing affordable and multipurpose winter wear, especially when it comes to gloves. The eWing Women’s Ski Glove is a prime example of a multipurpose glove that can deliver just as good performance in snowboarding as in skiing.

The material features 540 grams of Thinsulate that makes it an ideal everyday wear glove to keep your hands warm. The pull-tight wrist strap system gives you maximum protection from the cold by completely blocking snow and cold air.

What makes the eWing Women’s Ski Gloves the ideal buy is the price and features.

The lock clips help in keeping your gloves together whenever you take them off. The moisture wicking layers featured in the inside keep the sweat away from your hands so you can carve easily. The intuitive double water repellant still manages to give great breathability.

The ergonomic and 360 warm design, makes this a perfect choice for aspiring skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor winter sports enthusiasts.

Modovo Winter Waterproof Outdoor Ski Gloves

 Modovo High Quality Winter Waterproof Outdoor Ski Gloves

If you are looking for comfort and affordability, then Modovo has a large range of ski gloves that offer just that.

The Modovo High-Quality Winter Waterproof Outdoor Ski Gloves are a prime example of a high functional pair of gloves that feature efficient warm velvets. The thermal cycle look gives you comprehensive warmth around your hands.

The rapid air permeability allows you to keep your hands warm and sweat free without compromising performance in skiing.

Featuring nylon and weighing less than half a pound, these gloves give you a very practical solution to your winter sport gear needs.

On the downside, these gloves are not as durable as you may expect.

However, it certainly does not sacrifice performance and warmth with its unique design. If you are a beginner; then these are some good gloves to get your hands on, irrespective of your gender.

It will help you develop the feel for the ski poles which is a fundamental skill to learn before you can become a freestyle skier.

While the material is waterproof, try to keep away from wetlands and wet snow as these gloves can easily be damaged since they feature nylon.

Radar Vice Ski Gloves

Radar Vice Ski Gloves (2014)

Radar is known for manufacturing high-end gloves for intermediate to pro level skiers and the Vice Ski Gloves certainly don’t disappoint.

While a little expensive than your average $10 to $30 ski gloves, Radar Vice Ski Gloves are made for performance and competitive action. The Vice is a new entrant in the ski gloves market but is certainly becoming one of the hot favorites with its functionality.

The Vice features an external webbing trap to reinforce the grip on the handle while transferring pull completely towards your wrist. In other words, the strap allows you to relax your arm and hands.

The Radar Vice Gloves are ideal for someone who has learned the basics of skiing and would now like to improve their skills. The neoprene stretch zone and pre-curved fingers combine together to make a highly ergonomic and efficient glove. The intuitive strap system allows you to conserve energy, especially forearm strength to allow easier starts and long haul ski rides.

The high tech material promotes breathability which will keep moisture, cold air, and snow at bay. The highly durable construction and ergonomic system make it probably one of the best ski gloves available in the market today, despite not being heard of as much.

The only downside, that too minor, is the price. Otherwise, a great ski glove worth investing in.

Simplicity Women’s Thinsulate Waterproof Gloves

Simplicity Women’s Thinsulate Lined Waterproof Gloves

Simplicity, as the brand name suggests, offers simple and elegant designs in functional ski gloves. The Simplicity Women’s Thinsulate Lined Waterproof Outdoor Ski Gloves are one of the best selling ski gloves on market.

The gloves feature 3M Thinsulate lined membrane insert that is also waterproof. To improve the grip on ski poles and keep the moisture away, the reinforced palm and thumb patch do the job quite well.

There is an adjustable wrist strap to allow you to tighten the gloves and the wrist draw cord is quite efficient in keeping the snow out.

These gloves are the perfect fit for a beginner to intermediate skier.

In fact, what makes them functional is that they are suitable for most outdoor sports like skiing, cycling, snowboarding, mountaineering, hiking, and so on. This gives you the ultimate pair of gloves that you can use for your outdoor expeditions to good use.

Good for long term use!

Overall, Simplicity has delivered one of the best pairs of ski gloves for female skiers.

Spyder Men’s Crucial Gloves

Spyder Men's Crucial Gloves

Spyder makes an entry on our list yet again and this time, it’s the classic Spyder Men’s Crucial Gloves. Made from 100% polyester with embossed leather piercing, these are one of the best multipurpose gloves available in the market today.

Spyder guarantees that these gloves will keep you dry with its Dry GORE-TEX system that makes it highly waterproof and moisture resistant, without losing breathability at the same time. The over the cuff gauntlet and single handed draw cord keep the snow and cold air away without mingling with your ski poles.

With its efficient design, the Spyder Men’s Crucial Gloves maintain great versatility.

They can be used to great effect for most outdoor sports, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and much more. They’re also great for regular wear in the cold to keep you warm with comprehensive breathability around hands. Spyder promises quality and versatility with their winter gear and they seem to have a perfect exponent of that in the Men’s Crucial Gloves.

These gloves are very practical and ideal for beginner to pro skiers and snow sports athletes.

Spyder ski gloves are also known for their durability so it could be your first pair of gloves that started it all!