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What are the best ski brands? Badass TOP 4 Ski Brands Reviews

In the ski world there is a universal truth; when purchasing any items that relate to skiing, only buy the best ski brands or you will be dreadfully disappointed.

Not only will disappointment follow the purchase of an inferior product, but so too will an increased risk of injury, due to faulty equipment. I am not in favor of lining the pockets of the big ski companies, nor do I hold any approbation for critical acclaim regarding my skiing equipment, however safety is of high importance.

We have all found our financial situation jeopardized after the crash of 2007, however, who will pay your medical bill when cheap equipment inevitably falters?

What a great deal!

Its about the quality. Not Style.

Skiing is a sport in which having a reputable brand is not solely because one wishes to become the fashionista of the slopes, but rather to protect yourself and other slope users, from the dangers of low-quality equipment.

Of course, everyone has their own preference and even sports journalists may become slightly biased when writing about such subjects. However, the most profound factor in selecting the correct brand for you and your needs is trial and error.

But which brands are best and which are really the TOP ski brands?

Rossignol Skis

One of the most trusted and well-established brands is Rossignol.

They have been in business since 1907 and are headquartered in the kernel of the French Alps. Rossignol has one of the most loyal customer bases in the skiing world and also own Dynastar and Look.

Rossignol used to base themselves around ski racing, however, have moved into all areas of skiing more recently. They have historically been at the forefront of ski technology and constantly progress ski technology for all.

They are doing this season, with the Rossignol Soul 7.

Rossignol Soul 7 Skis

They are perfect for almost any skier who possesses a skill-set above that of a beginner, whether you live (and love) on or off of the piste!

They have the potential to transform the world of skiing. With great transitioning, a sturdy yet light construction, extreme versatility, an awesome rocker design and an amazing Air Tip (a tip filled with air), the Soul 7s ski like a precision race ski on the groomers but metamorphoses into a powder ski when demanded to be.

Fischer Skis

However, there are other brands that are just as reputable as Rossignol such as Fischer.

Fischer is an Austria sporting-goods company, who make skiing and hockey equipment. Based in Austria, they are firmly grounded in ski racing and offer a large variety of products to professional and amateur skiers.

Fischer is the most innovational ski company out there and their products have brought athletes to success in the last three world cup championships. They are fond of being different.

Fischer’s best ski is the RC4.

Fischer Men's RC4

The RC4s are a stiff race ski that will only suit advanced skiers, however, when you can ski them, they are awesome! A lightweight construction makes the skis ideal for those who are transitioning from all-mountain to race skis.

The RC4s rather peculiarly have no tip, so that the downward force from the air rushing through the hole, where the tip should be, creates more downward pressure and makes the ski travel faster. Fischer is also offering a variety of other products for all levels of skiing and they are all of an exceptional quality.

Fischer is perhaps the favorite brand of a certain ski journalist!

Blizzard Skis

Another one of the best ski brands available is Blizzard, which is based in Austria and was set up by a returning soldier who began to make skis in his family’s joinery shop.

The company was established in 1945 and is now owned by the Technica Group. They produce a wide range of skis and their products can be used by almost any skier.

Blizzard is really in the group TOP ski brands. They are represented on the World Cup Circuit by one skier, who placed 10th last year.

One of the best Blizzard skis is the Bonafide.

Blizzard Bonafide Skis Mens

They will probably be the right ski for almost any situation, whether you are in knee-deep powder or sheet ice. The Blizzards allow an intermediate skier to drive the skis throughout the turn, float over crud and have a whole load of fun! Blizzard Bonafides are a skiing revolution.

Volkl Skis

Volkl is one of the best ski brands available and are headquartered in Germany.

The company was founded in 1923 and as well as producing skis, are involved in tennis. Volkl have their own free-ski and ski racing team. Of whom there are world cup competitors amongst their ranks.

Volkl, despite being a mainly racing-based company, are producing an array of products that will suit any skier in any situation.

One such product that was not designed for racers is the Volkl Mantra, which is one of the most, if not the most, trusted all-mountain ski on the market today.

Volkl Mens Mantra Skis

The Mantras have become a reputable force in the ski world. They have come to be known as a reliable and durable ski that will handle any conditions. The side cut of the ski allows them to be forced into slalom turns, although they ski best in a GS-radius.

The Mantras will really drive throughout a turn if the skier on them is capable. Volkl Mantras are the industry-standard medium, between powder and carving skis. Although they are at their best off-piste, they are more than able to handle any softer stuff you can throw at them.

This ski is just a dimmed down race ski and is perfect for those who have become too old for racing and desire a ski that will carry them everywhere on the mountain –without falling into the trap of skiing on clown shoes (beginner to intermediate level ski).

Overall, I love these skis and I think I have found a new favorite all-mountain ski!

There are others out there too

This list includes swathes of brands that specialize in a variance of areas, meaning you should be able to buy any product you need from one of these reputable sources, there are other companies out there that may suit you far better than these.

It is a matter of trial and error, finding which products you like and hate, then going for it. A good way to do this is by renting or borrowing a ski. This way you can test the product before you actually buy it yourself.

Unfortunately, there is not enough time to discuss every ski brand available but the most important tip is; be patient.

Even if you cannot identify which brand is best for you, you will stumble upon it completely by accident. It took me two years and eight pairs of skis to discover which ski brand was my favourite and I am still undecided on boots!

The trap that so many skiers fall into is placing far too much importance on the aesthetics of a product, but please remember, the best ski brands will focus on performance and not how their product looks.