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The Best Ski Bindings For 2018/2019 Session – TOP 10 Reviews

Ski bindings are often overlooked by the majority of recreational participants, however choosing the best ski bindings for your skis can make a huge difference on the hill.

No one doubts the importance of bindings! After all, if we did not have them we would be skiing in boots!

But most are unaware that there are some dangers associated with having the incorrect binding and whenever you ski without the proper equipment.

A ski binding must be correctly set up in order to ski optimally.

There is only one method to ensure that your equipment is set up properly; take it into the shop. Although buying your equipment from a normal store may set you back far more than if you were to buy online, taking your new bindings to a qualified ski technician is a must –unless you have the appropriate skill set.

I would still sonorously recommend buying all of your equipment online as you will save a fortune, regardless of what anyone says in a ski shop (remember, they are all sales people).

Trust in those who know what you need

When the skis are in the shop, the technician will fit the bindings to your skis, essentially putting the binding on the actual ski. They will then move the heel piece so your boot fits your new bindings and then will set your DIN setting.

The DIN setting of a binding, influences how much force is needed to pop you out of the binding.

Your DIN setting will be a number, probably between one and ten. The higher this number is, the more force needed to pop you out of your binding, for example during a fall. This is where the biggest hazard to health lies.

The danger is if the DIN is set too low, the skier will be able to ‘walk’ out of their binding or there boot can be removed from the binding with little or negligible force.

If this happens when you are skiing, not only will you immediately fall but it increases your risk of twisting an ankle or even breaking a leg.

Putting the pressure on the ski

Generally the more advanced your skill set, the higher your DIN setting.

This is because more advanced skier needs to put more pressure on the ski in order to turn, as their equipment will be more advanced (stiffer skis and boots) and their skiing style encourages nailing the outside ski.

The less experienced you are, the more likely you are to have a lower setting. However weight is another factor to consider, the heavier a skier the higher their DIN, as they will put more pressure on the ski, the lighter, the lower.

Conversely, if the DIN is too high the skier will not separate from the skis on impact.

This potentially means that if a skier falls, their ski and boot will not separate. I have seen this happen before, and let me tell you, when someone’s skis rotates like the rotor of a helicopter, you never want to see it again.

This was exactly what happened to Matthias Lanzinger. In 2000, he was the junior world champion, in 2005 he won bronze in super-G at the world cup and he was tipped to be one of the rising stars on the world cup circuit.

Until 2008. In 2008 at Kvitfjell Lanzinger crashed. His ski did not separate from his binding and he lost his leg. Matthias is now one of the best skiers in the para-alpine (handicapped) circuit and competed in Sochi.

Despite the cost, I cannot stress the importance of getting a ski technician to fit your binding for you. The best ski bindings for you are unique and you must know what bindings you want before commencing your online shopping spree.

The width of your bindings is important and remember to make sure that the binding you buy can fit onto your ski.

If you use all of the aforementioned tips, you are sure to find the best ski binding for you!

The TOP 10 Best Ski Bindings of 2018/2019 are Below!

Salomon Warden 11 Ski Bindings

Salomon Warden 11 Ski Bindings Sz 100mm

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These bad boys are perfect for any advanced or intermediate skier. Salomon ski bindings are some of the best in the world and will be perfect for almost any skier.

The Warden 11’s are amazing. They have a 3D Driver toe piece which maximizes safety and performs, additionally, it leads to more angulation.

The Salmons also have a wider platform which means they are ideal for almost any type of ski.

Marker Squire

Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Binding 2018 - Black 110mm

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These Marker ski bindings are one for the best bindings for an all-mountain or wide ski.

They are light, versatile and easy to use. The Squires have a Triple Pivot Compact Toe, maximizing the safety of the skier in them, a hollow linkage heel and adjustable the toe height makes the binding great for almost anyone!

As I said previously, these bindings will suit anyone and get any skier skiing to their best.

Rossignol FKS 120

Rossignol Fks 120 Ski Bindings Black/White Sz 115mm Mens

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Rossignol is another trusted ski brand in Europe and the FKS 120s are another binding for those with an intermediate to advanced skill set.

They have a DIN that can adjust from between four and twelve. They are an elite level free ride binding and the FKS’are one of the most trusted bindings in the ski world.

These bindings can handle even the most aggressive all-mountain, freeride or powder skiing and have taken the ski-world by storm.

Look PX 12

Look SPX 12 Dual WTR Ski Binding - B90 Black

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Look have long been consigned to the world of ski racing and they have brought their racing pedigree into this all-mountain binding.

With a DIN of between 4-12 and 100mm long brakes, these are the perfect bindings for an advanced female or junior skier.

Salomon STH 10

Salomon STH 10 Ski Bindings Silver/Black 90mm

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Here we have more Salomon ski bindings, which is not a surprise when one considers the absolute quality that any experienced skier would associate with Salomon.

The STH 10s are designed for those with a somewhat limited skill set. They have a removable brake and can be used on almost any ski.

Rossignol Axial3 Dual 120

Rossignol Axial3 Dual WTR 120 Ski Bindings Sz 100mm

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They have a DIN range of 3.5-12 and 20mm heel piece. Due to a unique toe piece design these bindings are one of the safest on the market.

Head FreeFlex Pro 11

New 2014 Head Freeflex Pro 11 Performance Bindings

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The FreeFlex Pro 11s are designed for advanced and advanced intermediate skiers. The binding is designed with many of its features optimised for racing (such as its heel piece).

The DIN range of this binding is 5-15, ideal for those with a bit more experience or weight.

Salomon C5

Salomon C5 Junior Ski Bindings

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This binding is perfect for any younger skiers that want a cheap binding until they inevitably grow out of it. With a removable break and elastic pedal the C5s may be perfect for your son or daughter.

Marker Griffon

Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Binding

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Marker ski bindings are known for their quality and the Griffon is no exception. With an elite toe construction and gliding plate, these will suit almost any skier.

Tyrolia AAAttack 2

Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Ski Bindings 2018 - 110/Gr

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This binding is great for anyone who loves to freeride, with a raised platform and customized toe and heel piece, this binding may be perfect for you.

There you have it folks, the best ski bindings of 2018!