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The Best Ski Bindings For 2022 Session TOP 10 Reviews

Ski bindings are often overlooked by the majority of recreational participants, however, choosing the best ski bindings for your skis can make a huge difference on the hill.

No one doubts the importance of bindings! After all, if we did not have them we would be skiing in boots! But most are unaware that there are some dangers associated with having the incorrect binding in whenever you go down the slopes. That’s why today, we are going to go over the best ski bindings for you to consider before you hit the powder.

What are ski bindings?

If you have ever gone skiing, then you have used ski bindings. For the most part, ski bindings help to attach your boot to your ski. The bind is a firm one so that through your boot, you are able to navigate your skis when you are on the slopes.

While that’s the general sense of how ski binds work, there are different ski bindings for a different type of skiing. The most common time of ski binding you will find include:

  • Alpine binding
  • Cable binding
  • Rottefella binding,
  • New Nordic Norm binding (NNN)
  • Nordic Integrated System binding (NIS)
  • Salomon Nordic System binding (SNS)
  • New Telemark Norm binding (NTN)

The way you bind your boot to your ski depends on the type of skiing you will be doing. This is because some skiing will require more firmness or more freedom in one part of your foot. Knowing the type of skiing you will be doing is the first step in selecting the type of binding you should be shopping for.

How to set up your ski bindings

A ski binding must be correctly set up in order to ski optimally. If your equipment is not set up properly, then you run the risk of increasing injury when you’re on the slope. Simply buying high quality ski binds is not enough, you need to make sure it is installed properly. Sure you can read the instructions, but one of the best ways to ensure safety is by taking it into the shop. Although buying your equipment from a normal store may set you back far more than if you were to buy online, taking your new bindings to a qualified ski technician is a must –unless you have the appropriate skill set.

Trust in those who know what you need

Sure you can install your ski bindings yourself, but unless you know what you are doing, that is not a risk you want to take. Instead, you should opt to take them to a qualified technician. When the skis are in the shop, the technician will fit the bindings to your skis, essentially putting the binding on the actual ski. They will then move the heel piece so your boot fits your new bindings and then will set your DIN setting.

The DIN setting of a binding influences how much force is needed to pop you out of the binding. While the DIN setting can be overlooked by many novice skiers, this is perhaps one of the most important things to understand. In the event that you have a fall or a landing that has too much force, your skis will be able to pop off your binding. This is purely a safety precaution. During an impact, you need to have full maneuverability over your feet without cumbersome skis, the DIN number lets you do that.

Your DIN setting will be a number, probably between one and ten. The higher this number is, the more force needed to pop you out of your binding.

The danger is if the DIN is set too low, the skier will be able to ‘walk’ out of their binding or their boot can be removed from the binding with little or negligible force.

If this happens when you are skiing, not only will you immediately fall but it increases your risk of twisting an ankle or even breaking a leg.

Putting the pressure on the ski

Generally the more advanced your skill set, the higher your DIN setting.

This is because more advanced skier needs to put more pressure on their skis in order to turn. Also, their equipment will be more advanced meaning they will have stiffer skis and boots. With the added force they are putting on their footgear, they need a higher DIN to keep their skis on their feet.

The less experienced you are, the more likely you are to have a lower setting. This is because you may be skiing cautiously thus not putting a high amount of pressure on your feet. However, weight is another factor that you need to consider in the DIN. The heavier a skier the higher their DIN, as they will put more pressure on the ski. The opposite is true as well. The lighter the skis, the lower the DIN.

Conversely, if the DIN is too high the skier will not separate from the skis on impact. This can be dangerous because it potentially means that if a skier falls, their ski and boot will not separate. This can be extremely dangerous and will almost always amplify the injury that the skier may experience.

This was exactly what happened to Matthias Lanzinger. In 2000. He was the junior world champion where he won bronze in super-G at the world cup and he was tipped to be one of the rising stars on the world cup circuit.

All of that changed in 2008 where he crashed at Kvitfjell Lanzinger His ski did not separate from his binding and the impact was so severe that he ended up losing his leg. This devastating result of his injury did not end his career, however.  Matthias went off to compete in Sochi and become one of the best skiers in the para-alpine (handicapped) circuit.

The reality is that extreme injuries like the one Matthias suffered are avoidable. While you can not avoid a fall, you can help limit the damage of that fall. This is why understanding your skis gear and making sure it is installed properly is of the utmost importance.

Despite the cost, reasons like this are why I cannot stress the importance of getting a ski technician to fit your binding for you. The best ski bindings for you are unique to you and you can only get that customization by visiting a technician.

With these tips in mind, coupled with the right binding for your ski style, you are sure to find success in buying the best ski bindings and safely making your way down the hill. With that being said, let’s dive into our list of the best ski bindings to invest in this ski season.

The TOP 10 Best Ski Bindings of 2018/2019 are Below!

Salomon Warden 11 Ski Bindings

Salomon N Warden 11 Ski Binding - Dark Grey/Black L100

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Our first pick of the best ski bindings is the Salomon Warden 11 Ski Bindings. These bad boys are perfect for any advanced or intermediate skier. Salomon ski bindings come from one of the best ski brands, Salomon. The products they put forth are of high quality and are extremely durable. Their ski bindings are some of the best in the world and will be perfect for almost any skier.

The Warden 11’s are amazing. They have a 3D driver toe piece which maximizes safety and performs. Also, this 3D driver top piece allows you to have more angulation when you are on the slope.

The Salmons also have a wider platform which means they are ideal for almost any type of ski. However, the recommended use is for all mountain skiing. This is great for someone just starting off or an intermediate skier.

The specific details of this ski bindings include a brake width of 90mm and 100 mm. The boot compatibility is for alpine skis and the DIN rating can be from 3.5 to 11. Overall, if you are looking for the best ski bindings, the Salomon Warden 11’s are a great pair to start with.

Marker Squire

Marker Squire 11 ID Bindings (Black, 110mm)

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Another one of the best ski bindings to consider are the Marker Squire. These ski bindings are designed for intermediate and lighter weight skiers who are more advanced in the sport. These ski bindings offer great power transmission and are a very lightweight freeride binding. Riders will have the ability to navigate their skis just as they’d like with the versatility provided. Overall, the Marker ski bindings are one for the best bindings for an all-mountain or wide ski.

The Squires have a Triple Pivot Compact Toe and a Hollow Linkage Heal. This technology allows your binding to be compact yet sturdy. This sturdiness is what helps to maximize the safety of the skier. When you do remove the ski, the SOLE ID technology allows you to walk with your boots easily as well. Lastly, there are three different color combinations you can choose from so that you can tailor the look to match the rest of your gear.

Because these bindings will suit a variety of skiers and will allow them to reach their skiing performance overall, they are easily one of the best ski bindings to consider.

Rossignol FKS 120

Rossignol FKS 120 Ski Bindings - Men's B115 Black/White

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When it comes to the best ski brands, Rossignol is one that constantly pops up. Rossignol is a trusted ski brand in Europe that is known for putting forth safe, durable, and dependable equipment. One of the best ski bindings they have to offer are the Rossignol Axial 2 180 ski bindings.

These ski bindings are the perfect option to go with if you are a seasoned skier who is losing for something with a high DIN.  When it comes to compatibility, they can be used with any 2015 and older Rossignol race plates. The beauty in these bindings is that you will have some of the best underfoot flexibility all while still maintaining a high level of sturdiness. This binding comes with 24mm of heel travel and 45mm of toe elasticity. This reduces your pre-release thus increasing your safety.

Because of the great features that these ski bindings offer, they are one of the best pairs to go with. Especially if you are in need of a binding with a high DIN.

Look PX 12 Dual Ski Bindings

LOOK SPX 12 Dual WTR Ski Bindings Black/White Sz 120mm

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Look has long been consigned to the world of ski racing and they have brought their racing pedigree into this all-mountain binding. The Look SPX 12 Dual Ski Binding is an example of some of their great products. These ski bindings feature a DIN between 4-12. They also offer 100mm long brakes making them the perfect bindings for an advanced female or junior skier.

They feature a full action toe piece with an oversized heel pivot. This binding allows you to have instant power transmission, superior shock absorption, and precision when moving down the slope. There is also an easy adjustment that allows these ski bindings to be used with a variety of soles. Some compatible soles include alpine, grip walk and walk to ride soles.

Salomon STH 10

Salomon STH 10 Ski Bindings Silver/Black 90mm

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Here we have more Salomon ski bindings, which is not a surprise when one considers the absolute quality that any experienced skier would associate with Salomon.

The STH 10s are designed for those with a somewhat limited skill set. They have a removable brake and can be used on almost any ski.

Salomon Warden MNC 13 Ski Binding

Here we have more Salomon ski bindings, which is not a surprise when one considers the absolute quality that any experienced skier would associate with Salomon. This next ski binding is the Salomon Warden MNC 13 Ski Binding set. This set is great for a wide variety of skiers. They feature a DIN of 4 to 13. The brake width offered is 90mm, 100mm, 115mm, and 130mm. The boot compatibility ranges from alpine to touring to WTR. The compatibility with a wide range of boots is what allows this pair to be the best ski bindings.

There are several safety features you can look forward with these skies. In addition to the DIN, you will find an SCP pedal and a sliding AFD. The best type of skiing these bindings work with are all mountain and freeride skiing. Overall, riders love how smooth the skies are thanks to the Progressive Transfer Pads that allow you to have optimal control in a range of settings. You certainly will not be disappointed with one of the best ski bindings from Salomon.

Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings

One of the latest ski bindings this season that has been making waves is the Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings. These ski bindings are perfect for both novice and intermediate skiers. They offer users a triple pivotal light toe piece that allows you to have total control over your skies. When it comes to the DIN you will be able to choose from 3-11. And while the stand height measures in at 22mm, it is adjustable.

What makes  this pair of the best ski bindings on the market is the fact that you the quality, durability, and safety that is demanded of great ski bindings. Currently, there are two color options you can go with; white and black. Either option will offer you a distinct look that is as appealing as the overall performance.

Salomon C5

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This binding is perfect for any younger skiers that want a cheap binding until they inevitably grow out of it. With a removable break and elastic pedal the C5s may be perfect for your son or daughter.

Free Flex Pro 16 

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If you are an advanced skier looking for the best ski bindings, then you do not need to look any further than the Free Flex Pro 16. What makes these the best ski bindings is the fact that they were specifically designed with experts in mind. There is a maximum DIN rating of 16 that skiers can use with these bindings. This means that even when you reach a rough impact like skiing off a cliff, your skis will stay in place. However, it is recommended that this setting only be used with really aggressive professional skiers. For beginning and intermediate skiers, you will want to stick towards the lower end of the DIN range.

Salomon C5

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Another great pair of ski bindings from the reputable brand, Salomon is the Salomon C5s. These ski bindings are the perfect option to go with for any younger skiers that want a cheap binding. This is a great pair for youngsters because they will inevitably grow out of their bindings. There is no better starter binding to use while a growth spurt happens than with this pair.

This pair is made out of a polycarbonate housing that makes it easy for young skiers to practice moving around. Also, the user friendly design will allow your young one to practice binding him or herself. Generally speaking, many customers are pleased with this purchase when they start the journey of buying the first pair of ski bindings for their young one.

Marker Griffon

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Marker ski bindings are known for their quality and the Griffon is no exception. These high quality ski bindings are perfect for skiers who are looking for exceptional quality. They are also a great pair to go with for new and intermediate skiers. This pair offers users an elite toe construction and gliding plate. These features will easily suit almost any skier.

The DIN range you Find with these ski bindings are for 4-13.  you will also find SOLE ID technology that allows these bindings to fit any standard alpine and loaded AT  boots. In addition to the construction of these ski bindings, users will find a wide platform that helps to drive wider skis. And thanks to the AFD plate, you are sure to have a smooth and safe feel every time you are on the slopes. Overall, riders are quite satisfied with this ski binding. What makes this one of the best ski bindings to invest in is the fact that the Griffon offers exceptional durability, quality, and overall safety.

Tyrolia AAAttack 2

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This binding is great for anyone who loves to freeride. The alpine boot compatibility allows you to use them with a variety of boots. When it comes to the safety of these boots, everyone from new skiers to experienced ones can use them. The DIN rating can be anywhere from 4-13. The brake width is also ideal as it measure out to 85mm, 95mm and 110mm.   

What makes this pair of ski bindings stick out from the rest is the fact that they come with a more compact toe piece that is smaller than the competition. Also, because of the metal AFD, your binding will be able to take even the roughest of beatings. If you do a lot of park and pipe skiing, then this is perhaps the best ski bindings to invest in because the hard impact of the metal will not disrupt the integrating of your binding.

Final thoughts on the best ski bindings

It may seem like a small, trivial thing to invest in the best ski bindings. Especially If you do you not have a strong sense of knowing the importance of the binding. I hope that after reading this article it has hopefully cleared up some of the confusion. One of the best ways to find the best ski bindings for your skiing gear is by figuring out what your needs are. Knowing your DIN rating as well as the type of skiing you will be doing will help you figure out what the best to be binding for your needs are. Overall, I am sure that you will be thoroughly satisfied with the options that are listed above. Whichever product listed above that you do decide to go with is one that we are sure you will not be disappointed with. Especially as we enter a new ski season. Here to happy, safe skiing with some of the best ski bindings on the market today.

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