Simplicity 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Womens Ski Gloves

Simplicity 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Ski Glove Review

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When looking for gloves, I always like to make sure I am getting two things out of them: warm and dry hands. When looking online I found that the Simplicity 3M Thinsulate Waterproof Outdoors Ski glove covers these very well. Check out why below!

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3M Thinsulate Lined and Waterproof Membrane

This feature I cannot go without! The 3M Thinsulate product not only makes sure to keep you warm but also will make sure that your hands do not get wet while skiing. This is a must!

Anti-slip 3D Textures

When I found this feature, I was really excited. I hate when my hands slip, and this Anti-slip 3D texture makes sure that that will not happen. This is definitely a selling point for me.

Additional Features

  • Adjustable Wrist Strap allows for a personalized fit
  • Wrist Draw Cord keep the snow out
  • Clasp design will keep the gloves together when not being worn


To end, it looks like these gloves are great if you are looking for a warm, waterproof glove. But, beware of temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. In all, I have to make a recommendation – good luck!