eWing Womens Ski Gloves with Thinsulate

eWing Womens Ski Gloves with Thinsulate

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Style is important to me, but performance is important to me. When looking for a new glove for skiing I needed to find something that provided me with both. I settled on the eWing Winter Snow Thinsulate glove, and here’s why:

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40 Grams of Thinsulate

Thinsulate is the material from 3M that will keep your hands nice and warm while out in the snow. This is a great feature for those extra cold days up on the mountain!

Water Repellent Layers

The worst feeling to me is when my hands get wet in my gloves. Luckily, his glove was designed with Water Repellent Layers, so that won’t be happening anytime soon!

Other Features

  • Pull-Tight Wrist Straps
  • Eye-catching design
  • Moisture Wicking Layers inside will keep your hands sweat-free
  • Lock Clips that will keep your gloves together when you are not wearing them


To wrap it all up, this is a very stylish and well-performing glove for the price. Just beware of super cold temperatures! In all, I have to give this glove a recommendation because of the great combination of style, performance, and value. Keep them in mind when buying some new gloves!