K2 iKonic 80Ti Skis

K2 iKonic 80Ti Skis

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K2 have innovated Konic technology. Although this may seem to be yet another marketing gimmick, may we assure you; it most definitely is not. The iKonic 80Ti’s core is centered by a lightweight wood, encouraging playfulness and floatation, however, this is strengthened by a metal laminate perimeter near the edges.

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  • Sidecut: 121/80/109 @170
  • Radius: 15.5m @170
  • Different lengths

This explains why the ski can be thrown into short turns on demand, yet has a strong edge grip and stable feel underfoot. The full sidewall construct makes for better and more potent carves, whilst providing stability and eliminating judder at high speeds.

The iKonics may well become the industry’s icon for revolutionary core technology, however, meantime they’ll carve, float and bend to even the most advanced skiers’ content.