Marker Squire Binding

Marker Squire Bindings Review

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Bindings are important. When flying down a mountain there is no way that you want one of these to come loose, unbuckle your boot, or just generally malfunction.

As I was looking for bindings for my skis I came across the Marker Squire Bindings. This is a high performing set that will keep you safe on the mountain. Check out why:buy from button

Triple Pivot Light Toe + Hollow Linkage Heel

This feature enables you to have optimal weight transfer on your skis while on the slopes. Depending on your terrain (powder, wet, or icy conditions) this is very important in keeping your feet comfortable and your body stable in multiple situations.

Hollow Linkage Reel

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I can’t get my boot in; no matter how hard I push down, my boot just won’t click in. With the Hollow Linkage Reel, that’s a non-issue. This unique design is manufactured in two pieces and allows for smooth entry by keeping dirt, snow, and ice away from your entry point.

Other features

  • DIN Range: 3-11
  • AFD Stainless Steel Gliding Plate
  • Stand Height of 22mm
  • Lightweight design rounds up at 3 lbs, 5.9 oz (154.2 grams)


If you are like myself and you are looking for a safe and functional binding for your skis, I would highly recommend the Marker Squire binding. With its unique design to help your skiing experience be as comfortable as possible, it is a great value buy. Good luck out there!