Simplicity 3M Thinsulate Lined Waterproof Ski Gloves

Simplicity 3M Thinsulate Lined Waterproof Ski Gloves

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Seems I am in the market for new ski gloves. I just can’t find my new ski gloves anywhere! Naturally, I went online and started poking around for something warm, comfortable, and safe.

The Simplicity Men’s 3M Thinsulate Lined Waterproof Snowboard/Ski Gloves are my leading contender right now. Let me explain why…

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Patented 3M Thinsulate Lining

This is the good stuff. 3M is renowned for making high performing materials, and their 3M Thinsulate is known in the snow sports world as providing great warmth and fit when in use.

Reinforced Palm and Thumb Patch

As much as I love trying new runs, sometimes I catch a stray branch and fall! These gloves come with added palm and thumb protection, which will help me stay in good shape after the unfortunate but inevitable fall.

Other Features

  • Anti-slip 3D textures allow for easy grip and mobility on your poles
  • Adjustable wrist strap tightens for a snug fit while also keeping the snow out
  • Special clasp design prevents you from losing gloves when you’re not on the hill


From what I can see, these gloves are a good choice for those who are out in the snow and looking to keep warm, comfortable and safe. Although they may have some wear after more intense usage, this is a great all-around glove for skiing!