Gordini Men's Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves

Men’s Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves Review

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When looking for a new pair of gloves for skiing, I get a little picky. I can’t just have any gloves as these need to keep my hands warm, dry, and I need a solid grip while on the slopes. Through my research, I found the Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves and I had to share. Here’s why:

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Gore-Tex Guaranteed Performance

The Gore-Tex feature of this glove is unavoidable. One of the best-designed fabrics in the business for keeping you dry, this material will be sure to keep your hands dry as you fly down the hill.

100% Polyester Insulation

A high performing glove will keep your hands warm throughout even the coldest conditions. With the 100% polyester insulation, there is an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, keeping your hands warm in a compact and usable glove.

Other Features

  • Constructed of waterproof polytech fabric to keep your hands dry
  • Polyurethane and leather palm with leather wrap caps will keep your grip tight throughout the day
  • Gauntlet cinch closure around the wrist will keep out wind and snow from the base of the glove


In all, this glove has had a generally positive review from those who have purchased it, so I would have to recommend it. With the Gore-Tex technology and the 100% polyester lining, you are for sure to have a fun, dry, and warm day out in the snow!