eWing Mens Winter Snow, Ski, Snowboard, Cold Weather Gloves

eWing Mens Winter Cold Weather Gloves

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If you are headed to a cold climate for the first time in a while and want to pick up great value gloves, then you have to check out the eWing Men’s Cold Weather Gloves.

These are great value gloves that I found while researching for that exact situation. Check them out!

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Felt Feel Inside

These Felt Feel Inside gloves will keep your hands comfortable and warm while you are out and about in the snowy or cold (or both!) weather. The design of putting this layer right on your hand is meant to maintain the heat as you go through the day.

Moisture Wicking Inner Layers

Very important to keep you comfortable is keeping your hands dry.  The Moisture Wicking Inner Layers will actually keep your hands sweat free by wicking that moisture of your skin.

Other Features

  • Pull-Tight Wrist Straps will block out cold air and snow
  • Water repellant Layer designed to keep your hands dry
  • Lock Clips will keep your gloves together when they are not in use


My final thoughts on this glove: It is great for keeping your hands warm and dry, but don’t expect them to last on a tow rope or climbing a mountain. This s a great glove for the value and would recommend it to anyone looking for a deal. Good luck!