Wolfbike Goggles

Wolfbike Goggles Review

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Snow sports are tough. When looking for a new pair of goggles I was heavily leaning toward something that can withstand a tough day on the mountain. Through my research, the Wolfbike Snow Goggles definitely stood out. Here’s why:

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Polycarbonate Lens

The new polycarbonate lens on these goggles is designed for toughness. They will be able to keep up in the worst weather and under some serious duress.

Multipurpose Usage

These goggles are meant for multiple uses. I discovered that not only are they great for the mountain, but are also very useful when snowmobiling and riding motorcycles. This is an awesome feature, as now they can be used for all types of situations when a tough goggles are required!

Other Features

  • Elastic belt strap is reinforced with nylon fibers to keep a long lasting and secure fit
  • Frame is made of bi-raw material, reinforcing the toughness
  • UV-400 protection to keep your face safe from the sun
  • Soft foam on inner frame for comfortable use


When looking at reviews, it is a sure bet that these are good goggles for the price. The toughness and features enable for a great ride while not breaking the bank. Good luck and enjoy!