Smith Optics Sidekick Youth Snow Goggle

Smith Optics Sidekick Youth Snow Goggles Review

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Looking to keep your little partner safe, warm, and comfortable this winter? As I was looking for goggles to fit this description, I have to say the value on the Smith Optics goggles was a highlight. Whether skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or tubing, eye protection for the youth is important! Here’s what stood out:

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Fog-X Anti-Fog Inner Lens

Having goggles outside is great, but if you have fog and can’t see then what’s the worth? The Fog-X Anti-Fog inner lens mitigates fogging within the goggles to keep the optical clarity of the user as clear as possible.

Cylindrical dual Thermal Lens

Keeping the young ones warm when they are outside is of utmost importance. That’s why Smith has included a cylindrical dual thermal lens with these goggles. The unique design will make sure that the user stays warm while outside in the winter months.

Other features

  • Dual-slide strap adjustment system for getting comfortable around hats or helmets
  • Single layer face foam for the comfort of the user
  • Silicone backed strap to keep the fit snug


Great utility goggles for the young ones, the Smith Opticks Sidekick Youth Snow goggles will be very useful for when your little companion is out in the snow!