Smith Optics Scope Goggles

Smith Optics Scope Goggles Review

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The goggles I have been wearing have been pretty beat-up. When looking for a new goggle for skiing, I was looking for something that was high performing and would give me a solid buy to use for a couple years. The Smith Optics Scope really caught my attention. Check out why:

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Cylindrical Carbonic-X Lenses

I was looking for something tough, and the Cylindrical Carbonic-X is exactly that. Designed to be tough, this lens will make it through the tough spills, tree branch incidents, and little roughing around in my pockets. This is a goggles that will last.

Fog-X Anti-Fog Inner Lens

If you are in it for the long haul like myself, you want something that performs well. The Fog-X Anti-fog Lens will keep the fog out when riding. This is so important to me, as I do not want to be having vision problems on the slopes. Definitely a highlight.

Other features

  • Medium Fit sizing
  • Helmet Compatible, very important for mountain riding
  • Thermal lens technology to keep my face comfortable
  • Compression molded face foam will have you forgetting that they are even on
  • Ultra-Wide Silicone reinforced strap will help them stay snug and not wear out
  • Protective goggle bag included with purchase
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty! This is huge.


In all, this goggles will work very well for those on the mountain. With only a small amount of reviewers having complaints, I definitely stand by the Smith Optics Scope Goggles as a quality purchase.