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Meet Kieran And His Story

My name is Kieran Nimmo and I have been working with since pre-launch. When I was first offered the opportunity to fuse my passion and job into one, I didn’t even have to consider. So, in July 2013 I began using my years of experience in the ski world, to help thousands of readers buy the right ski equipment for them, maximising their on-snow experience.

I have seen it all since I first took to the slopes at the age of four. From that point on, I was in love. I always had a somewhat childish dream that one day I could be a racer, with a muscular body, awesome skiing style and a ski girlfriend. I am proud to say, I got it all and more. My entire life revolves around skiing. It is how I met my partner – an ex-GB skier – and how all of my friends became more than mere acquaintances.

At the age of nine, I started realising my dream and began racing in Scotland. I was one of the worst, most unnatural and awkward skiers to have ever ‘donned the boards. I was written-off and consigned to the bottom of the pack. Eternally being gifted last place.

But I kept training. Worker harder than everyone else. If everyone done two runs, I had to do five. If everyone else was in the gym 4 hours a week, I practically never left. I was determined to be the best.

At the age of thirteen, I was given a break. I began trialling with the British Para-Alpine ski team. For a whole year I worked even harder, pushed myself to my limit and found new limits. I raised from the bottom. I was finally becoming one of the best.

When things were finally looking up, when all of my hard work was finally coming to fruition, I was injured in a skiing accident. I severely damaged my shoulder and am still in constant pain due to the injury. But again, I worked on my recovery and despite missing out on the selection for the British team that season, I came back fighting the next.

I raced my first IPC race without any poles, due to my injury. I was in agony, I was angry but I was bloody determined and finished both. Despite the fact I was recommended by the Head Coach to sit in the café, rather than risk racing.

At the peak of my career I was ranked in the top 60 in the world and was working my way up the table for my country – now part of the GB Para-Alpine Development team. Alas, I was unhappy. I wanted more out of life than life in the gym and on the slope. I wanted friends, education, employment and companionship.

I retired from competition, but am currently planning on training to get a qualification that will enable me to teach disabled children how to ski and share the sport that gave me freedom, independence and the ride of a lifetime with those who can’t even walk. I want everyone to experience the liberating nature of skiing and I won’t rest until they are aware.

Throughout my life, the team was my family, but I have replaced the people that once surrounded me with a new family. This family is a family of writers, web designers and editors. To me, winterbadass has become my family.

Outwith skiing, I am fervent writer and have been lucky enough to have had a book published, ‘Silent Dreams’ and hundreds of articles all over the world. I am also the Chair/Organiser of the political party of which I am a member, the Scottish Green Party’s North Lanarkshire group and dedicate much of my life to politics. In 2014, Scotland had a referendum that gave us the opportunity to become our own nation. I was a Yes Ambassador, working for the side fighting for Scotland’s independence. Sadly we did not become a new nation, but the fight goes on.

I am hoping to begin studying a Master’s Degree in politics next year and will hopefully be writing here for a very long time. I can see the potential we have at Winterbadass and am determined to make our dreams a reality, and provide high quality information to millions, to ensure that everyone has the correct kit and has the most fun possible on the slopes.

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