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10 Of The Best Snowboard Boots

If you're planning to go snowboarding this winter, one of the most important pieces of equipment you'll purchase is your pair of boots. While your snowboard is key to your effectiveness on the slopes, the best snowboard boots must create the right connection with the board for you to find the right stability and precision. Many people focus on size and style when choosing their snowboard boots, but flexibility, firmness, fit, responsiveness, and the way the laces are tightened are just as important.

You should also know where and how you plan to ride, because different slopes require different styles of boots. The style of boot you wear can help you take your riding to the next level. Here at Winter Badass, we've put together a list of the ten best snowboard boots on the market today. Read on to find the best snowboard boots for your winter sports needs!

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Best Snowboard Boots FAQ

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1. Can the Best Snowboard Boots Keep Me Safer on the Slopes?

2. Do the Best Snowboard Boots Work with Most Major Boards?

3. Are the Best Snowboard Boots Available in Larger and Smaller Sizes?

4. Is It Possible to Try on the Best Snowboard Boots Before Purchase?

5. Where Can I Find the Best Snowboard Boots?

How We Reviewed

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The following best snowboard boots were reviewed based on the following parameters - affordability, construction and materials used, available sizes, flexibility, lacing system, stability, durability, fit with major snowboards, and sturdiness under pressure.

What We Reviewed

  • Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots
  • Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boot
  • Thirtytwo Team Two Stevens Snowboard Boots
  • DC Men's Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots
  • Burton Men's Moto Boa Snowboard Boot
  • DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots
  • GLOBALWIN Black 1839 Winter Snow Boots
  • DC Snow Women's Karma Lace Up Snowboard Boots
  • K2 Raider Men's Snowboard Boot 2019
  • DC Lynx Snowboard Boots

Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots

Burton Mint BOA Snowboard Boots Womens Sz 7
  • LACING:Boa Coiler Closure System, Powered by Burton Exclusive New England Ropes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • FLEX / RESPONSE:1:1 Soft Flex Tongue
  • COMFORT:Total Comfort Construction, Snow-Proof Internal Gusset

Coming in gray, blue, and black, the Burton Mint brand is one of the most popular choices on the market. Its fast-lacing system makes it easy to get on and off the slopes, and it's backed with a lifetime warranty. Ideal for those who want flexibility for executing tricks, it's one of the most comfortable boots on the market. The True Fit design can adapt to everyone's foot shape. A molded EVA footbed ensures comfort even after a long day on the slopes. It's the right mix of flexibility and comfort that'll please both beginners and expert snowboarders. It comes in sizes between 6 and 8.


  • True Fit design for maximum comfort
  • Speed Zone Lacing System is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can be worn immediately without breaking in


  • Limited color and size options

Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boot

Burton Men's Photon Boa¿ '19 Clover 8 D US D (M)
  • Locked and loaded power, comfort, and convenience combine to create the Burton® Photon Boa® '19 boot!
  • Lacing:• Dual Zone Boa® Coiler™ Closure System• Lockdown Tech• Powered by Burton's exclusive New England Ropes
  • Flex/Response:• 1:1 firm flex PowerUP tongue• GripLITE backstay

Burton is one of the biggest names in snowboard boots, and the Photon is a modern model ideal for cross-country trekking and snowboarding in cold climates. It uses a B3 Gel sole with reflective foil, harnessing your own body heat to trap warmth in the boot during cold climates. A molded EVA footbed provides support and comfort, and the tongue is designed for added flexibility. A Vibram rubber exterior on the outsoles makes it easy to keep your footing on smooth surfaces. This is ideal for heavy-duty snowboarders and those who venture into extreme climates. Comes in black and blue, in sizes 8 through 12.


  • Aegis liner traps heat
  • Vibram Outsole helps you keep your footing
  • B3 Gel sole keeps you comfortable
  • One of the sturdiest boots on the market


  • Most expensive boot on the list
  • Some reviewers report ankle rub

Thirtytwo Team Two Stevens Snowboard Boots

thirtytwo Team Two Stevens Snowboard Boots, Black/Orange, Size 7
  • Evolution Foam Outsole
  • Performance Backstay
  • 3D Molded tongue

Designed for performance riding, this classic lace-up boot is available in black/orange in sizes from 7 to 11. It features a fixed tongue that locks in automatically when you lace it up for added security which minimizes heel lift. The heat-moldable Level 3 liner molds to your foot shape for extra comfort and no need to break in the shoe. An articulated cuff helps to maintain the integrity of the shell, making this a boot that can go all day. It's ideal for anyone who likes to spend long days on the slopes.


  • Stiff and secure
  • Minimizes heel lift
  • Heat moldable liner for added comfort
  • Lightweight boot is easy to wear


  • Tends to run small
  • Limited color and sizes
  • One of the more expensive boots on the list

DC Men's Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots

DC Men's Mutiny Lace Snowboard Boots, Black, 10
  • Traditional lacing system
  • Wrap lock hardware for custom fit
  • Internal ankle harness

This budget-friendly boot is designed for casual snowboarders making their start on the slopes and is ideal for freestyle snowboarding. It uses an EVA memory foam to allow the boot to provide a perfect fit with adequate ankle support. An internal harness minimizes heel lift and creates a good connection with the board. The outsole uses Unilite lightweight construction that provides excellent traction. Comes in six colors and all sizes and half-sizes between 7 and 12.


  • Easy to lace up
  • Comes in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • EVA footbed for added comfort
  • Unilite sole for traction
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Tends to run small
  • Not ideal for cold climates

Burton Men's Moto Boa Snowboard Boot

Burton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots Bronzed Sz 12
  • LACING:Boa System Featuring Coiler Technology, Powered by Burton Exclusive New England Ropes
  • LINER:NEW Imprint 1+ Liner with Integrated Lacing, offering new comfort fit
  • OUTSOLE/CUSHIONING:DynoLITE Outsole with Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil

Burton has a lot of different models, and the Moto is one of their mid-priced options. It uses the company's patented Speed Zone lacing system which makes it easy to get started, and the inner material is made of Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil to return body heat back to your feet for added warmth. It is priced competitively and coming in sizes ranging from 7 to 14. It's an ideal beginner boot that is comfortable enough to keep you going all day on the slopes.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Flexible without being loose
  • Speed Zone lacing system is easy to use and backed up by lifetime warranty
  • Keeps your feet warm


  • Some people want a stiffer fit
  • Only comes in two colors

DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

DC Men's Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots, 8.5, Army
  • Traditional lacing system
  • Foundation unililte outsole
  • Red liner with snow basic insole

Many beginner snowboarders don't want to start out with a high-end boot. Fortunately, the DC Men's Phase Lace Up model is a quality boot at a lower price. It features a red liner with a thermal-regulating fleece that adapts to the temperature. This makes it ideal for anywhere from spring to winter. EVA memory foam helps adapt the boots to your foot shape, and the classic lace-up system is easy to use. A Unilite sole makes it easy to stay secure on the slopes, and these boots come in seven colors in sizes ranging from 7 to 12.


  • Thermal regulating lining keeps you warm
  • EVA memory foam ensures a comfortable fit
  • Easy to lace up
  • Budget boot ideal for beginners
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes


  • Lacks the durability of other boots
  • Tends to run small

GLOBALWIN Black 1839 Winter Snow Boots

GLOBALWIN Women's Black Winter Snow Boots 8.5M US
  • Fleece lining to keep your feet warm all day long
  • Vegan
  • Faux Fur

If your biggest concern is staying warm during winter snowboarding, this is one of the best options on the market. Designed for below-zero temperatures and resistant to both water and wind, its GLOBALWIN lacing system ensures you stay warm and secure in even the most brutal weather. This is because the Intuition Sport boot liner is made from ULTRALON EVA foam, which contours to your feet as you snowboard. The weatherproof technology features a ten-to-one heat retention rating, ensuring you won't have to call a day of snowboarding on account of weather. It comes in sizes ranging from six to ten.


  • Ideal for cold weather
  • Intuition Sport boot liner ensures comfort
  • Resistant to water and wind
  • Ten-to-one heat retention rating
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes


  • Only comes in one color and four sizes
  • One of the more expensive boots on the list

DC Snow Women's Karma Lace Up Snowboard Boots

DC Women's Karma Lace Up Snowboard Boots, White, 5
  • Traditional lacing
  • Foundation unililte outsole
  • Red liner with snow basic insole

This beginner boot is the most reasonably-priced option on the list and is designed to be fashionable and functional. It's made using a Red Liner fleece, which regulates temperature without adding bulk. Its traditional lacing system is easy to use and can be customized to your preferred level of tightness and support. With medium flexibility, it's an ideal choice for anyone just beginning to snowboard, although it's best for moderate temperatures.


  • Red Liner fleece interior is warm
  • EVA Memory Foam is ideal for comfort
  • Flexible without being loose
  • Lightweight but provides ankle support


  • Only comes in one size and color
  • Tends to run small
  • Not as warm as other boots

K2 Raider Men's Snowboard Boot 2019

K2 Raider Snowboard Boot 2016 - Men's
  • Boa Coiler lacing system
  • K2 Fast-in liner lacing
  • Intuition Comfort Foam 3D liner

The K2 Raider is one of the most popular boots on the market, thanks to its heat-moldable Intuition Control Foam. This ensures a perfect fit with a good mix of comfort and control. The geek is kept secure thanks to an internal closure, and the Coiler lacing system is one of the easiest on the market. If you're looking for a flexible boot that never gets stiff, this is a great choice and comes in two colors and sizes ranging from 7 to 14.


  • Intuition Control Foam 3D ensures a perfect fit
  • Good amount of space for wider feet
  • Secure but stable
  • Comes in a large range of sizes


  • Better for expert riders
  • Only comes in two colors

DC Lynx Snowboard Boots

DC Lynx Snowboard Boots, Black, Size 7
  • Lynx Snowboarding Boot
  • Traditional Lacing
  • BLACK Liner + IMPACT-S Insole

Coming in military green and black colors and sizes between 7 and 13, the Lynx is one of DC's more budget-friendly options. Equipped with an Aerotech ventilation system, these boots keep your feet dry for maximum traction. The insulation keeps warmth in and moisture out, ensuring these boots are ideal in any climate. The ankle harness is part of sturdy construction that will keep your feet stable and the traditional lacing is stable and easy to use.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Secure construction for maximum stability
  • Keeps moisture out and warmth in


  • Only comes in two designs

The Verdict

All ten snowboard boots on this list delivered a good mix of stability, comfort, warmth, and board control. There was a wide range of prices, and we found that the mid-priced models offered the best quality. The lower-priced options had some drawbacks, while the most expensive boots weren't far enough above the mid-tier boots to justify the price. One model stood out as the best mid-priced option on the market due to its fit, convenience, and ideal design for both beginner and experienced snowboarders. We give our endorsement to the Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots as the best snowboard boots on the market today.