Ski Boot Sizing – The right way

Close up of ski bootsWhether skiing as an elite athlete or as a skier who just loves to cross the mountains on vacation, getting the size of ski boots correct is vital for your comfort, safety and enjoyment. Ski boot sizing was an art that was once confined to ski shops in the not so distant past. [click to continue…]

11 Tips – What You Need To Know When You Are Learning To Ski

Close up of skiers boots and skies from unusual angle. Mountain peak in the background.We asked a skier, who used to represent Great Britain on the world stage, what he would tell himself when he was learning to ski. After being sorted and sifted we have refined, what we believe to be, the best tips for learner skiers that will maximise your on-snow enjoyment, performance and safety. [click to continue…]

5 Interesting Facts Didn’t Know About Skiing

5 Interesting Facts About SkiingThere is always more to know about skiing and you can see that for yourself with these 5 crazy facts about skiing that you didn’t know. [click to continue…]

8 Fun Facts Didn’t Know About Skiing

8 Fun Facts About Skiing - InfographicIf you think you know everything about skiing, check out these 8 facts. Fun and crazy facts you didn’t know about skiing. [click to continue…]

Best Twin-Tip Skis For Men 2016 – TOP 10

Atomic Infamous ThumbnailIn the days of old, the only ski to that would be seen on a mountain was a traditional camber, straight at both tip and tail, today is a whole different matter. The slopes are beginning to be overtaken by a new breed of ski, twin tips. Winter Badass has ranked and reviewed the best twin-tip skis for men for 2016.  [click to continue…]

Best All-Mountain Skis For Women 2016 – TOP 10

Volkl Violas Womens Skis thumbnailWhether buying your first set of skis, or your hundredth, all-mountain skis are perhaps the best type of ski to buy. If you are neither a racer nor park-junkie and are looking for a ski that can carry any skier around the mountain all day long then or list of the top 10 best all-mountain skis for women, may well be helpful.  [click to continue…]

Best All-Mountain Skis For Men 2016 – TOP 10

Rossignol Soul 7 ThumbnailI have been skiing my entire life. My skis have granted me freedom and independence like nothing else could have. The first step is buying a pair of skis and Winter Badass has the best all-mountain skis for men ranked, reviewed and ready to ski.  [click to continue…]

What are the best ski brands?

Volkl Mantra SkisThis list includes swathes of brands that specialise in a variance of areas, meaning you should be able to buy any product you need from one of these reputable sources, there are other companies out there that may suit you far better than these.  [click to continue…]

The Best Ski Bindings 2016 – TOP 10

Marker Griffon Ski BindingsSki bindings are often overlooked by the majority of recreational participants. However choosing the best ski bindings for your skis can make a huge difference on the hill. Featuring a list of the top 10 best ski binding of 2016.   [click to continue…]

The Story Behind Salomon Skis

Team SalomonFounded in 1947 Salomon appeared in the heart of the French Alps, the birthplace of modern alpinism. Motivated by their passion to ski along with its son George they have designed and perfected first modern ski bindings. Since then Salomon skis are on top of skiers preference.  [click to continue…]

Best Ski Resorts in USA – Our TOP 10

Squaw Valley Ski resort, CaliforniaEver dreamt of powder-filled trails bursting with snow? Our journalist takes a look at the best ski resorts in USA. Some of the best resorts in America are hidden gems, that need to be found. What is so unique about skiing in the USA is the variance between the resorts.  [click to continue…]

Who are you likely to meet in ski resorts?

Ski resortIn spite of the fact that we are all in this together. All lovers of snow. Yet we are all so different. And so there are several types of people we are most likely to meet on the mountain. A story teller, a professional skier or the rich guy who is here for the woman. In the end, they are all keeping one thing in common. Snow. [click to continue…]

Join The World of Bogner – Wave Skiing

wave skiing

Skiing the waves and surfing down the mountain on pure powder. This sounds a bit crazy. But we have to admit that there are some great similarities between these sports. So take a look into and join the world of Bogner.  [click to continue…]

The Story Behind Rossignol Skis

Rossignol SkisIn the year 2007, Rossignol celebrated one hundred years since the foundation of the company. The brand mission of Rossignol is to use the experience of the past, together with the innovation of today to produce the best soft and hard mountain gear ever. Known as the “pure mountain company” what Rossignol did that other companies failed to do. [click to continue…]

Best All-Mountain Skis 2015 – TOP 10

Elan Amphibio 88 XTI Fusion SkisWhen you are looking forward to having great skiing experience you must consider using some of the best all-mountain skis that you can possibly have. And it doesn’t matter what style or conditions your are riding. You want to feel confident about yourself in all possible conditions – going down the slope in high speed or floating thru the powder. To have all the advantages you might want to take a look at the best all-mountain skis 2015 [click to continue…]