VOLKL RTM 73 Ski Review 2016

VOLKL RTM 73 ThumbnailThe world we love is changing. This is why skis, such as the Volkl RTM 73, now exist. The ski world has metamorphosed from an intrinsic world ruled by the apexes and fall-lines of the race course, Klammer over Kingsbury, ice that could deflect bullets over knee deep powder; to the half-pipe, powder and sheer thrill of air of those once side-lined park-junkies. [click to continue…]

Nordica Mens NRGY 90 Ski Review

The Nordica Mens NRGY 90 SkisThe Nordica Mens NRGY 90 is a lightweight ski model that has been received fairly well by ski lovers around the world. Despite feeling light on your feet, the Nordica Mens skis are quite easy to maneuver and offer great capabilities in varying conditions. As part of the all new NRGY series by renowned makers, Nordica, the 90 mm ski is a prime example of a highly functional and practical ski.[click to continue…]

Rossignol Soul 7 Ski Review

Rossignol Soul 7 ThumbnailI have been in the world of skiing since I was four years old; never before have a pair of skis shocked me to such an extent! When I first heard about Rossignol Soul 7, I laughed in the face of the company’s rep. “A tip filled with air? How preposterous!” I scoffed, I was wrong. Rossignol Soul 7 have the potential to transform the world of skiing. [click to continue…]

Blizzard Bonafide Ski Review

Blizzard Bonafide Skis Thumbnail

If you are a guy yearning for an all-mountain ski that will take you everywhere, from deep powder to boiler-plate ice and want to rip master carves as well as play on your skis, Blizzard Bonafide skis may be for you. With innovative technology changing the way ski experts are viewing traditional rocker design and a lightweight core that has never been seen before, the Blizzards are at the forefront of the skiing world! [click to continue…]

Atomic Theory Ski 2015 Review

Atomic Theory 2015 SkisIf you are a guy who wants the best of everything in a ski, a ski that can take you anywhere on the mountain, regardless of pitch or snow Atomic Theory Skis may be perfect for you. Atomic have me, for one, surprised by the quality of this wide all-mountain ski’s ability to carve so well. The design of these skis have taken me days to get my head around, they are different and, potentially, revolutionary. [click to continue…]

Salomon Lumen Ski Review – Women Skis

Salomon Lumen Women Skis 2015There is no doubt that The Salomon Lumen skis are on of the top all-mountain skis in the market. One could even argue that they are on the very top of all all-mountain skis design for female skiers. They will work great with all styles of skiing and you’ll be able to challenge and defeat any slope. [click to continue…]

Volkl Mantra Ski Review

Volkl Mantra SkisAs the trends of ski construction change the top selling models in the market are changing along. Yet there are some specific skis that are able to bring us the needed quality, for them to be flying of shelves for a long time.  Volkl Mantra skis 2015 will definitely continue the trend set by previous models and the new technology will definitely be appreciated by skiers all around the world. [click to continue…]

Volkl V-Werks Katana Ski Review

Volkl V-Werks KatanaA paper thin ski construction is brought to us by Volkl V-Werks Katana. The skis with a carbon fibre top-sheet that is absolutely new in the market. And what this new technology gives us is the chance to experience a ride with one of the lightest skis out there. This really is a great pair of skis for the upcoming season.  [click to continue…]

Atomic Alibi Ski Review

Atomic Alibi Men SkisThe possibility to flow on the pure powder, while being able to cut sharp on fast turns – that is exactly what all mountain skiers want. And these might be just the skies to provide you with such possibilities. There is something incredible in the construction of these skis that makes them so special. These are The Atomic Alibi skis [click to continue…]

Nordica Hell’s Belles All-Mountain Ski Review

Nordica Hell’s Belles SkisHigh speed carving is what these female specific all-mountain skis are designed for. The Nordica Hell’s Belles are built for advanced-intermediate and advanced female skiers who want to go down a slalom, giant slalom or super-G and they won’t let you down on other types of distances [click to continue…]

Elan Amphibio 88 XTI Ski Review

Elan Amphibio 88 XTI Fusion SkisThe Elan Amphibio 88 XTI is something you should be imagining when thinking of the perfect, precise centre of twin-tip and all-mountain skis. They are special with the unique design that allows the skiers to enhance their experience on different terrain [click to continue…]

K2 Annex 98 Ski Review

K2 Annex 98K2 has been working hard this year and the Freeride section has been redesigned to define two different groups of skis. Directional and bidirectional skis are the two groups that have been segregated. And if you wonder what is the exact difference, than here is the short answer – one of the groups consists of all-mountain skis, where the other one consists of skis designed for different backcountry activities and some fresh powder [click to continue…]